Confidence is an extremely important part of a successful, happy life.

People have varying degrees of confidence — a simple glare at a person can help in telling you what their abilities are. A simple look goes a long way in telling you exactly what the person is capable of.

Certain physical traits can tell you if a person is nervous. This means that if a person if hunching, he or she may not be very confident. A person who can make direct eye contact can really show you that he or she is capable.

However, it is true that mostly these physical traits don’t really mean anything. Confidence doesn’t exist in one’s physical appearance.

There are plenty of people who can talk but they actually lack self-confidence.

Confidence is so essential that a lot of famous people have spoken about it. According to Rumi, “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

Moreover, according to Edgar Allan Poe, “I have great faith in fools — self-confidence my friends will call it.”

Confidence thus is an integral part of life. If you want to boost your self confidence, here are some tips that will help you.


1. Accept Yourself As You Are

Let’s just say that you are someone who lacks confidence and want to do something about it. Is there anything you can do?

You can try to fight and overcome it with willpower and force, but the main problem that people face when it comes to self-confidence is that they are the ones fighting it. The more you fight it and the more under-confident you become.

It is actually that simple. Fighting takes your power away.

So what you have to do is to accept your lack of self-confidence. Don’t try to fight it. In fact, just accept that you are not as confident as the rest. It is actually a fact. You need to accept it.

The moment you start to accept it, it starts to go away.

A lot of people tell you not to accept your lack of self-confidence, that you will have to fight the lack of self-confidence before you can over come it — but that is not true.

You have to accept yourself as you are in order to achieve whatever you want.  A good practice that helps you accepting yourself as you are is to sit and lie down in a relaxed position. Take about three deep breaths. Use soothing music in the background as it will help you relax faster. Doing this will help you feel confident and less skeptical about everything.


2. Improve Your Self-Worth

Self-confidence is directly proportional to how you see yourself. If you see yourself as a person who is worthy of attention and friendship, then you are definitely someone who has self-confidence. You have to work on your self-worth on a daily basis.

If you are someone who doesn’t think they deserve good things, you will never get them. Moreover, if you don’t think you deserve being self-confident, then you will never become confident.

3. Celebrate Whatever You Have

Celebrate your achievements. Focus on whatever you have been given and whatever you have achieved, whether it is your achievements or your failures. Just embrace whatever you have gone through.

Celebration doesn’t really mean going out and booking a 7-star hotel room. However, it does mean treating yourself well. Treating yourself right can really help in boosting your self-confidence.

Keep reminding yourself that you are a worthy person. Repeat daily that “I am worthy of everything that I have attained in life.” Celebrating your achievements well can really improve your self worth and can help you with whatever you are looking for.


4. Keep Learning

Another point that helps in improving your self confidence is to learn as much as you can. We are basically living in an era of information and the more informed and skilled you are, the more confident you will get.

There is plenty of information available everywhere you go whether these are languages or management, counseling or coaching. There are plenty of ways in which you can enhance your knowledge including reading books or browsing the internet.

There are plenty of sources available everywhere, so make sure you do whatever it takes to enhance your knowledge. This will help you stand a good conversation with everyone and help you match the level of those who are higher in their league than you are.

5. Shed Off Limited Beliefs

People tend to form limited beliefs when they are young, and they tend to follow the same beliefs till a long time. These limited beliefs involve feelings such as, “I am no good.” Feelings like, “I am a total failure and I can’t succeed” can ruin a person’s self confidence and also prevent him or her to reach their true potential.

One of the most efficient ways of improving self confidence is to get rid of these false beliefs.


6. Write Down Strengths And Weaknesses

When you are aware of your weaknesses and strengths, you know exactly where you stand. Moreover, once you are self-confident, it takes a lot less for people to fool you.

People fool those who don’t really know who they are.

However, documenting your strengths and weaknesses can really help in strengthening your confidence and reduces the number of weaknesses you actually have.

You have to make serious life changes if you really want to change yourself and improve your self-confidence.

Making these life changes will help you fight the external world and will bring dramatic changes in your self-confidence.

Zuhair Sharif

Zuhair Sharif

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