‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’ – Mark Twain.

Want to succeed, but do not feel enough inspiration to start acting? Motivation is the engine of progress. A man, who can motivate himself, can move mountains. When you know for sure what you want, and set a goal, you will most likely succeed.

Just imagine, if cavemen had no motivation, humanity would remain at the same level as it was. But people began to improve their tools to obtain more, to explore both themselves and the world.

The German philosopher A. Schopenhauer first used the term ‘motivation’ in his work ‘Principles of Sufficient Reason.’ And the word ‘motive’ comes from the Latin moveo – ‘move’, movere – ‘an inducement to action.’ The lack of motivation, on the contrary, leads to inactivity.

If it is difficult for you to find inspiration and direct all your efforts towards achieving needed result, here are 3 easy ways to motivate yourself:

1. Set a Goal

Choose the area in which you want to succeed. No matter what is the level of difficulty, whether to improve the grades from a certain subject or to buy a car. An essential thing is to have a fierce desire and firm determination to win. Motivation is what keeps pushing us towards the goal. The stronger motivation is, more likely you will achieve it.

For example, if you set the goal to become the head of a department at the bank, potentially you can achieve it. You may need to change your education, study a few foreign languages, etc. On the one hand, it will not be easy. On the other hand, motivation will help you to overcome the difficulties and to support the desire to move towards the goal.

Sometimes it is useful to dream, but you should understand that even with the strongest desire it is hard to become a president or an astronaut.

2. Break the Goal Down Into Sub-goals

So that our goal does not scare us with its volume, we split it into several simple sub-targets.

There is a notion of ‘tree of goals’. This tree is based on the principle ‘from general to specific’. The general is its top, it is also the global goal, which gives an answer to the question: what are we trying to get?

Branches are sub-targets or smaller tasks, the solution of which brings us closer to the primary goal. We split the goals until we do not get the simplest small tasks, the consistent solution of which will eventually bring us to success in the implementation of a complex goal.

Create your own “collage of dream” from the pictures, which depict your desired achievements and then hang it in plain view. It will remind you of your ‘top of the tree’. Such a visualization of desires can be a good motivation.

3. There are no Failures – Just Experiences!

‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.’ — William Shakespeare.

One of the main reasons for the loss of motivation is a negative attitude to events around. Even if you encounter problems, remember that this is just a chance to correct your actions and not a reason to give up. We should not think about the difficulties that await us, but about the benefits that we will eventually get.

Try to stay positive and enjoy every single day of your life. No one knows how much time we have on this planet. Don’t waste your precious time.

Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star because his editor felt he ‘lacked imagination and had no good ideas.’ Several more of his businesses failed before the premiere of his movie ‘Snow White.’ He became the guy who redefined American childhood.

The path to success is usually thorny. Many famous people have become recognized because they did not give up and tried again and again, they did not lose their motivation and confidence in their dream. Get ready for the obstacles on the way to your dream. Ups and downs – this is what life is.

Hopefully, you will find these pieces of advice not only useful but, ideally, motivating to start acting now! And remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done!

Alice Foster

Hi, I’m Alice Foster, a business-trainer, and a writer. I’d organized more than 50 events on the business topic in Colorado and my hobby is writing about my coaching experience. Examples of my work you can find on my blog on Study Moose. My credo: a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.