The best 10 Confidence lessons from Podcasting

You may or may not know me but I have always wanted to help women with their inner journey to self confidence. Being of Asian descent, confidence is something that Asian women deal with most of the time since our parents, friends and society tells us what to do instead of doing what we want to do.

This is when I decided to use podcasting to speak my vision which is called The Tao of Self Confidence where I interview Asian women about their inner journey to self confidence and how they are able to live life on their terms.

While I have helped many women start learning to believe in themselves and their own confidence, it has also help me in my own confidence along the way. Here’s some of the lessons I learned from podcasting.

Lesson 1 – Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

When I was in the process of creating my podcast, I had all kinds of fears. I was scared that it would flop, nobody would listen to me or people would think I was a joke. After all, I had zero influence and was no expert on confidence. But I knew that I had a huge vision and my vision was bigger than my fears, so I pushed through all the fears and created it anyway regardless of what the outcome would be.

Lesson 2 – Reaching out to Influential People

At first, I was nervous asking women who were successful and influential to be interviewed for my podcast. I mean I was a nobody and the possibility of these women saying NO was a high one. Surprisingly, most of them said yes. There were a few NO’s but it didn’t stop me from reaching out to more women. The many YES’ helped me keep on reaching out to more women of influence. Also I realize that if I don’t ask, I would never know the answer. I would rather know my outcome rather than wondering… “What if?”

Lesson 3 – Believing in my Own Abilities

All my life, I never believed that I was able to create anything. I mean, I failed kindergarten for coloring outside the lines so you can imagine my confidence issues from that incident alone. The Podcast made me realize that I was able to create something from nothing. I started with an idea, chose a platform to create it and now people from all over the world are listening to the stories that I have put out on my show. You have to realize that you are more capable than you think. Just start taking action!

Lesson 4 – Letting go of Perfection and Be Confident

One of the reasons why I delayed the launch date of my podcast was that I always thought it had to be perfect. The sound, the outline, the mic and more. Then I realize that it doesn’t have to be perfect because there’s no such thing as perfection, only progression. If you hear me on episode 1 versus episode 200, the progress is totally different. Actually, your listeners will like that more because they see how much you have grown from your show. Let go of being perfect.

Lesson 5 – Letting Go of the Results

This was a hard one for me to let go. I mean I was great at comparing myself to others and wonder why my results aren’t as good as well known podcasters like John Lee Dumas. I had to realize that if I can just learn to let go of the results and enjoy the process, that’s when I started getting amazing results. Like when my podcast was in the new and noteworthy, it was one of the top podcasts to check out sitting along side with Gary V and Grant Cardone. Pretty awesome right?

Lesson 6 – Every Master was once a disaster

Anything worth doing, you will be a total disaster at it first. No joke. I remember when i edited my first episode, it took me 2 hours to edit a 6 minute audio. I thought I was in big trouble but it got easier as I kept on editing the audios. Why? Because I loved listening to the interviews that got me inspired to keep on going. Even the women I interviewed mentioned how they started with nothing and was able to create a legacy.

We all start from the bottom with no knowledge. We are going to suck at first but the more we do it, we will start to suck less and less. Then we can actually be good at what we do.

Lesson 7 – I surround myself with people who believe in me

Who you surround yourself with is really important when it comes to confidence. I mean if you hang around with people who have low self confidence, how will that help you in your own journey. I invested in podcasting courses to be in a community that can lift me up when I have days where my confidence is low. It led me to other people in the podcasting community seeing my true potential when I even cannot see it myself. I remember when I was talking to a mentor about how scared I was to put my podcast out there. He told me to just put it out there and if it sucks then it sucks, at least you know. But it didn’t suck and if it wasn’t for my mentor, I don’t think there would be a show today.

Lesson 8 – I Became More Courageous

Creating the podcast helped me become more courageous in other aspects of my life. I remember taking a personal development class earlier this year and the speaker encouraged us to speak out on stage. Now I can be a very private person but at that time I felt like me sharing my story on stage can help someone out there. So i got the courage to get on stage and tell my story. The crowd loved it. They told me how inspired they were after I went up and shared my story.

Lesson 9 – I am not afraid to be myself

We live in a world where we are so afraid of showing our authentic self for fear that people might not like us. I was in that same boat as well until I realize that you can not please everyone. True story. Not everyone will relate to you and that’s okay. Just keep speaking your authentic voice and the RIGHT people will come to you. If you listen to my shows, I speak my truth and it feels so free just being my true authentic self.

Lesson 10 – I have learned to celebrate every success

No matter how big or small your results are, always celebrate them. The more success you celebrate, that more confident you will be. I remember when I had my first 10000 downloads on my podcast, I was over the moon. I was sharing it all over social media. Why? Because it was a success that I wanted to celebrate.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate any success you have. It can be the first dollar you made from your podcast or your first 1000 downloads. The more success you have on your plate, the more

confident you will become.

These are the 10 lessons I have learned from podcasting. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Would love to hear from ya!

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