We are born without any preparation for the life. Everything that we do is based on our intuition, previous experience, and other people’s expectations or beliefs. No matter how old you are, many of us are just going with the flow. However, there are so many things we’d better know in advance. Although it’s hard to learn from other people, those ones who can do it are happier persons.

Here comes the list of things all people should know before they are 30.

1. Family Should Be First

Put your family first. Always.

You can be a sociable person who has a lot of friends, but nothing is so important as family. The truth is that friends come and go, you can fall in love with different people in a lifetime, but nothing can replace your relatives. It’s the biggest lesson to learn: your family should mean the whole world to you, and finding a balance between private life, career and family is a key.

Never forget to tell your dearest and nearest how much you value them as you never know when you will lose them.

2. Taking Care of Your Health is Essential

While being young, we don’t have many health problems, and it seems normal that you don’t care of the well-being. However, the situation is changing with years.

In fact, the way you treat yourself while being young will make a difference to your health when you are older! Thus, you should take care of your health: get enough sleep daily, eat healthy food, and do physical activities.

3. Any Fear is a Figment of the Imagination

It’s in human’s nature to protect ourselves from the negative impact on our well-being, so people have fears that prevent us from bad experiences. Although the list of phobias is long, and all people are afraid of something, more often than not, any fear is just a figment of the imagination.

Doubtless, all people would be happier if we weren’t afraid of something. And having fears that are unlikely to become true hurts your happiness. The number one thing to understand is that most fears never come true, so you just poison your well-being without a real basis for these worries.

4. Self-Development is a Key to Success
Personal development

I know many peers who are to blame for spending less time self-developing. Although it’s hard to understand when you’re 18, you will realize it more with the time. Growing as a person gives you various opportunities, and it helps to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

If you don’t keep on developing, it’s easier for other people to catch up with your possibilities. Thus, invest in your development and try to find out new and interesting hobbies that might become your work in the future.

5. Speaking Foreign Languages Gives More Opportunities
Foreign languages

Do you love traveling? Do you want to work for an international company? Go for it, and speaking a foreign language is your key. Moreover, if you speak foreign languages, you can establish contacts with people who live abroad which can give you valuable experience and broaden the mind.
All in all, foreign languages give you more opportunities, so don’t hesitate to capture them!

6. You Can’t Be Perfect for Everybody

Many people worry about what others say about them, and they want to meet others’ expectations to avoid getting negative feedback. Even if you try to take into account most people’s thoughts and views, it’s impossible to be perfect for everybody.

Do you want to know the truth? 

You don’t need to be perfect.

Every human is unique, and your imperfections make you up as an individual person. Never try to please everyone around you; your aim is to be happy with what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

7. You Can’t Be Ready for Bad Things to Happen

Once Kurt Vonnegut said, “The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 pm on some idle Tuesday.”

More often than not, people think about ‘what if’ problems. It makes us suffer from anxiety, and we draw different scenes of solving a problem or facing a fear if needed. The truth is that most of our worries will never come true, and we just hurt our health with these ideas. Real problems come suddenly, and no matter how prepared you are, the real life is another once a problem comes.

Don’t live with worries. Try to solve problems when you actually have them. Don’t make a mess in your head with the imagination.

8. Money is not a Guarantee of Happiness

Unfortunately, many people care about money a lot. They believe that being wealthy is a key to success. However, money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Instead, you can become glad if you love the way you earn and spend it, and that’s the key point.
Trying to make money, we may lose the true sight of life’s purpose, and it affects your well-being.

Don’t be a slave of the finances.

Once you stop worrying about earning money, you start being a happier person as you can be focused on positive aspects of your life.

9. Don’t Try to Hold People Who Want to Go
Let go

Everyone has lost a person at least once in a lifetime. Obviously, losing close people is always hard.

If you want to stop someone and ask this person to stay with you, think twice. A person who truly loves and values you will never go, so trying to hold people is a waste of time and mental health. It’s an illusion that everything is OK, and it affects you negatively with the time.

Never try to hold people next to you. Learn how to say goodbye and replace them with others who might bring you happiness.

If you want to be happier, avoid focusing on your problems, and enjoy every single moment of your life. Learn some lessons that will help you avoid making mistakes. The more prepared you are, the better it’s for your happiness.

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