Wouldn’t it be great if you could have more energy to get stuff done?

Your own personal energy “stash” is the catalyst of awesomeness in life. The better you manage your energy expenditure, the more you will get out of life. While the things on which you spend your time largely determine where your energy is going, the importance that you place on each task must be structured according to your own priorities.

You need to prioritize your daily tasks because of the limited energy you have at your disposal. And you must acknowledge that fact if you are to achieve your goals. Many people want to accomplish too much and end up not finishing anything.

Let’s see how you can be the boss of your own energy.

1. Be fast and patient

Your own perception influences time’s influence on your energy. When you’re in a hurry, you might end up draining yourself, getting anxious and not getting things done. It’s a lot more important to concentrate, and you won’t be able to do that properly if you’re in a state of anxiety.

2. Set daily goals

It’s better to wake up in the morning with a clear sense of purpose for the day ahead. Set two or three realistic goals for the day and track your progress at night, so that you can be more efficient the following day.

3. Multi-task smartly

People with lots of skills are highly sought after. No mistake about that. However, if you’re going to multi-task, don’t switch from one task to another in a matter of minutes. Unless you’re an artist, take each task one at a time and try to get it done before jumping on to the next. Of course, it is arguable that it’s better to postpone than to hit a brick wall and get stuck trying to get past it, but try to avoid that situation whenever you can. Getting one thing done is better for your energy than working on three things at the same time.

4. Have a break, eat a fruit and do nothing else

Your brain is like a muscle that needs a break after it’s been active. And a break doesn’t mean doing something else that needs psychological effort. It means relaxing your brain by giving it a well-deserved break.

5. Smile more often

Be happy. Look on the bright side and don’t do it for others. Do it for yourself.

6. Keep tabs on what you spend your time on

It’s funny when you get to see just how time flies by without you knowing it. By writing down the actions that you do over the course of a day (and the time that you spend on them), you will get a better picture of what needs to be changed. There might be a huge discrepancy between how you think you spend your time versus how you actually spend your time. What if an hour of your time was worth 100$, would you spend that hour watching TV?

7. Use the trash/recycle can more often and throw unimportant papers away

If you have all sorts of to-do lists or scribbled papers on your desks that you think you need, try to be honest with yourself and determine whether you really need all that clutter in your workspace. You might not notice it, but clutter will hinder your performance, so put all that unnecessary stuff in your drawer. The same can be said about the clutter in your computer: too many tabs, icons, folders or programs.

Less is more. Don’t forget that.

8. Make faster and more informed decisions

Funny as it may sound, you actually use up energy while procrastinating. Many people spend their time in doubt, putting off important things. That doubt will sap you of your energy. Procrastination never brings you anything good. You either choose to do something or you choose not to do something and spend that time relaxing and not thinking of the task that needs done. That middle ground is a place that you don’t want to be in.

This list would be incomplete without whatever it is that fills you up with energy and the will to live and to do more. Whether that’s exercising, a sport or a hobby, having a life beyond work will balance out those day-to-day energy-threats that you must keep in check.

It’s easy to stray and forget that your energy is precious and prone to be drained by external factors. Be mindful and choose your own way to remind yourself to pay attention to your energy.

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Troy Matthews

Troy Matthews

Troy works as a marketing specialist for Premierpups.com, a puppy adoption service. His work fills him with energy, but his duties require him to stay focused at all times.

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