Have you been experiencing some radical shifts of consciousness and “higher self” experiences lately? Stories of “ordinary” people suddenly traveling out of their body, channelling, and having instant personal transformation are appearing all over the web.

Maybe we’re just coming “out of the closet” about such experiences. I have had many such experiences over the years, including one spontaneous collapse onto a cement floor, a brief trip out into the universe, and a return to what I still feel is an entirely different level of so-called reality.

Still, until recently my attempt to understand exactly where my “higher self” IS has often felt like a search for fairies and dragons lurking in a dark closet.
To backtrack a bit, I am both a metaphysician and a mind/brain researcher and transformational psychologist. So I want both my intuition and my logic to agree on the answer. Whew!

However something new is now peering out of the mysterious closet of the world of modern science, and it has profoundly clarified my personal understanding of the “higher self.”
Scientists exploring the nature of sub-atomic reality have found that what mystics claimed for thousands of years is absolutely true – we definitely ARE connected to a higher source of energy that goes beyond our individual normal selves.
We are now being told that ALL of life definitely exists as a single unified conscious field – an interwoven consciousness in which each part affects the whole at every moment. In more “popular” terms – we are each like a knot on a “fisherman’s net” extending out through endless dimensions of time and space.

This understanding developed as the scientists explored smaller and smaller portions of the atom. They found that at the most extremely small and immeasurable level of reality, there’s still some unknown force. And this force is present even at the temperature of absolute zero, where all other known forms of energy vanish into an unknown invisible force field.
Did you just hear Yoda from StarWars say, “May the force be with you?” I think all seekers of higher consciousness know this to be true on an intuitive level, but scientific confirmation can boost intuition to a new level of “belief.”

Interestingly, this mysterious force field is not exactly “energy,” nor is it a field of empty space. The physicists describe it as a field of information – a “Zero-Point Field.”
This undifferentiated space from which life arises is now seen as a sea of pure consciousness, with matter and energy just two of the forms it can take.

Physicist Ervin Laszlo calls this field the “A-field.” He is obviously referring to the ancient Vedic concept of the “Akashic record,” the nonphysical repository of all knowledge in the universe long been proposed by metaphysicians.
Laszlo says, “The ancients knew that space is not empty; it is the origin and memory of all things that exist and have ever existed. This insight is now being rediscovered at the cutting edge of the sciences [and is emerging] as a main pillar of the scientific world’s picture of the twenty-first century. This will profoundly change our concept of ourselves and of the world.”
The scientific evidence is IN! Our higher self is already totally directly connected to the One Great Source of consciousness, whatever we choose to call it.

You’ve heard of people who channel spirit guides, angels, extraterrestrials and ascended masters. Since this channelled information must also originate in the Zero-Point Field, we must all be potentially capable of channelling. In fact, perhaps our individual brains are sending and receiving stations connected to the one source of consciousness.

A conscious experience of feeling connected to this source is transformative. It taps into the same power the geniuses, mystics, gurus, prophets, holy men and women, and great teachers throughout history have accessed.

So … how can you tap into this yourself? Research proves that meditation physically changes the brain and lets dedicated meditators achieve remarkable higher levels of consciousness. Then there’s yoga, fire walking and brainwave training. Can these tools also enhance our connection to the Zero-Point Field?

What do YOU feel is the best way to grow our higher self by consciously tapping into the Zero-Point Field?

About Jill Ammon-Wexler

Metaphysician, renowned brain/mind researcher, and doctor of transformational psychology. A committed life adventurer and fun-loving artist and author with a passion for sharing her science-based insights with other higher states seekers.


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  • Avatar Laban says:

    I have been able to access this higher knowing through natural grounding. It is a form of meditation where you meditate to raw feminine shakti energy. Its awesome, totally changed my reality. I am a man and I think it works best for men, but some women are doing it aswell. check it out http://www.naturalgrounding.net

  • Hello,
    Great article.  It gave me a better understanding of higher self. Thank you for sharing.

  • Avatar Jackie says:

    Though I meditate frequently, I practice mindfulness everyday, throughout my day. That is what works the best for me – keeps me connected.

  • Avatar Trinityclark says:

    Why I need Dr. Jill’s posts is exactly what she writes about in this article. The journey of finding self is almost private. The deeper the understanding the more bizarre the experiance and the less it can be shared unless you want to spend your retirement wearing cute little print jackets with really long sleeves. I love the articles–so keep them coming–they are grounding to my sanity yet they enhance the experiance of the journey in a de-LIGHT-FULL way.

  • Avatar Frank Welzig says:

    I love your article. I like it when science is used to back up theories on reality but also realize science has its limits. I think “getting to zero” just might be the key because all our data and beliefs seem to block us from understanding what’s really going on. If you, or anyone else, finds a path to understanding this mystery I would really like to hear it.
    Frank Welzig

  • Avatar Vegan10 says:

    I think Dr. Jill is really on to somrthing.

  • Avatar Chuck Mattice says:

    It is interesting to see science is finally proving what Einstein and his colleges first collaborated as quantum-physics. As with all evolution, theorems usually become fact, then new theorems are formed from the new realities. All in all it is not new and thus another level of awareness. I truly hope that scientist will take this gained knowledge and accept it. However, even if the scientific community decides that the discovery is a fluke, they can not deny that consciousness as a whole (or our awareness of it) has been on a ever increasing spiral that pegs the logarithmic scales.

    When we can finally put together the pieces of consciousness that are bombarding us constantly, begging us to wake up and be aware, then we will begin to see the fruits of all before us and the dreams they so free shared.

  • Avatar Mellie says:

    Thankyou Dr Jill

  • Avatar Nancy says:

    Hi Jill,

    Great start!  While I don’t agree that the A-field is the same thing as the Akashic records (which would be a whole different discussion), it’s clear that science is catching up (slowly, IMHO. . . ) to metaphysics.  Perhaps we could say the gap is closing rapidly :-)

    What is also becoming clear is that in recent months (if not years) new changes are moving through the Universe, changing the field in ways we have yet to understand.  Although we can feel or sense these changes, we may not yet be able to measure them or know for certain what they mean.

    Ah what a marvelous adventure it is!  And how great to observe so many souls awakening rapidly now :-)

    Thank you for being opening ever more doors.


    • Avatar Joyspiritlight says:

      Useful information but HOW, do you begin? Meditation, of course, but where is the answer to your article. I love to read the articles but sometimes I feel as if it is just a marketing tool instead of genuine collective consciousness sharing?????

  • Avatar The1wisewizard says:

    Dr. Jill,

    Thanks for being a part of my universe for the past several years. 

    As I walk through this day that started with a personal challenge I was rewarded by your question as the third message of the day from spirit.  I very much appreciate it and the focus it brings.

    You and Dr. Joe Dispenza are still my favorite “brain” teachers.  Thank you so much for your efforts and research that have and are so useful to me.


  • Avatar MP says:

    Hi Dr Jill, so glad to hear that science and the metaphysical are coming together, thankyou

  • Avatar EB says:

    A good summary of what some of us have known for a long time, and a useful one to be able to pass on to those of our acquaintance who have not yet quite woken up to it all!

  • Avatar Auntiepi says:

    Dear Jill,
    Thank you for this article.  I enjoyed it, and found it very interesting.  I wish I could understand all of this.
    Paula H

  • Avatar Tmasters says:

    This article makes me want to start meditating again!  I wnat to feel that level of consciousness again.

  • Avatar Claude says:

    This is an extraordinary approach and Dr. Jill has this ability to demystify concepts and bring to a level we can understand and have a feel for it.  It’s intriguing and uplifting that we could tap in a universal source of information to answer questions about our “highre self” and learn more on who we really are or menat to be.  Congratulations Dr. Jill on continuous enlighting work for us to learn and enjoy.  

  • Avatar Patricia Moore says:

    My whole focus for growth at present is to connect to my ‘higher self’, whatever that means.  I’ve had some good experiences with meditation, hypnosis, NLP, etc.  But by far my best experience came about with a questioning the Universe technique wherein I really wanted to know what was in the ‘present moment’, and noticed soooo much more than I ever had before (or since, because I’ve not been able to repeat this).  I think the Universe’s joyful response happens when the questioner is passionate about the questions being asked.  Lacking passion, the Universe cannot respond at all.

  • Avatar Vera Vixseboxse says:

    Hi Jill,
    I love
    this kind of thinking/realising and explaining. I know/feel that the zero point energy is our life-source and I dearly would like to tap into it. I know that it is our birthright to tap into this energy, but it has not yet happened to me. Trying too hard? At 76 I am still following a lot of interesting information and I am looking forward to what your informations will bring.
    Best of luck to you, Vera
    P.S. My computer refuses to edit the text as it should be. Perhaps the emphasis is now rightly on:”I love”.

  • Avatar Avalonia432 says:

    I feel that meditation is the best way to become aware of what is available in our existence other than ordinary sounds and stimuli. When one accesses elements other that the “normal” ones, one gains knowledge beyond simple belief. One knows.

  • Avatar Jonathan Turpin says:

    Great article Dr. Jill. I agree that meditation is the key to getting into the ZPF, or the “gap”as some people call it. I have experienced this zero point field a few times, maybe three or four. Once you have been there and felt it, life takes on a different hue. My personal experience is that I felt like I was everything, everyone, and everywhere all at the same time. I have never been the same since.

    Jonathan Turpin, South Africa

  • Avatar elena says:

    I don’t think there is a “best” way to tap into the the Zero-Point Field because all roads lead to the top of the mountain. I do think that choosing  a way is a personal choice and in my opinion it is most probably influenced by  how evolved is our higher -self.One way I had the opportunity to experience is altering my consciousness by breathing and music with the   Holotropic Breathwork of Stanislav Groff were after several  sessions one can  also experience the observer.    

  • Avatar divya wadhwa says:

    go for vipassana/meditation  ,it will help you to understand all these images  and your state,of mind ,control over it ,it helped me,try it by yourself,you will know the reality of ourselves.

  • Avatar Glesgles says:

    I am sure there are more ways than I know.

  • Avatar Kathyzroberts says:

    Excellent article!  I hope to see more by this author!

  • Avatar Liz says:

    I enjoyed this article I like to have the science to validate the metaphysical  we are getting its absolutly fascinating

  • Avatar Jim T says:

    Great article!  It’s amazing what the mind can do.

  • Avatar Sue says:

    Thank you Jill, and thank you also for introducing me to this wonderful site.

  • Avatar Ilona says:

    There is a fantastic book by Dr. Travis S. Taylor “The Science Behind The Secret”. I highly recommend it.

  • Avatar Melcom says:

    Intention is an important element.

  • Avatar Spark11uk says:

    Dr jills article is very thought provoking and exciting.

  • Avatar Jcs423 says:

    Dr. Jill,

    I liked your article.  Really makes me think.   I would like to know how to connect to this “force” on a more consistent basis.


    • Avatar EllenTime2Heal says:

      It is so possible to connect to zero-point force 24-7!  I have seen amazing results to the human body, to animals and to plants when put into this force!  I even enjoy water and skin care products infused with zpe.  I invite you to look at http://www.JoanneMShort.info. If you listen to Dr. Cohn, on page 3, he explains how this works and how he and other doctors have helped so many people when more tradtional medicine hasn’t been so successful.  ENJOY! and have a Wanderful Day!

  • Avatar Tharu says:

    DR.Jill, Good article but how do we do it?

  • Avatar Philburgess45 says:

    Nothing exists until we believe it exists so knowing, understanding and believing is step one. step two is awareness, awareness of the impact of this knowledge on our daily lives. And step three is living this truth.

    Thanks Dr Jill for this post.

  • Avatar Monika says:

    Jill, always great information you offer. That definitively made me who I am today, an extraordinary entrepreneur who is admired by her folks. Thanks! Monika

  • Avatar Sharon says:

    Thank you for another wonderful article.

  • Avatar Olga says:

    Thank you Dr. Jill. It is really important to become who we really truely are, free ourselves from all our limitations and beliefs which holds us back. When we become who we really are, we become truely happy and free and able to live the life we want. Though I have not achieved it myself yet, but I see it as a vision and goal, an ideal. And I guess in that state all the knowledge one wants can be available to him as well.
    Thank you again for your sharing.

  • Avatar Srjonebs says:

    What about the third eye? Doesn’t ocular fatigue awaken our third eye, and if it does, are we ready to experience what it reveals? Thank you for your guidance and suggestions. I look forward to a practical guide to experiencing ourselves in pure spirit form, and how that affects each and every one of us.

  • Avatar Srjonebs says:

    the love you get is equal to the love you give

  • Avatar Katherine says:

    This article made me laugh but it was a laugh of joyful recognition. The words paint such a picture of what is happening to all of us as we shift in very powerful ways. And though we don’t all have the same life experience, when we have that flash of recognition we understand our own experience in the context of the deeper and more profound transformation of all of humanity. I say YES to it all!

  • Avatar Gabriele says:

    I believe connecting science and spirituality as you do is important to facilitate change in a lot of people as “backup by science” is a great way to quiete the mind – the fears, doubts and worries. It makes it easier to open up for spirituality, our inner greatness and the vast opportunities the universe has to offer.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  • Avatar Bob Daulby says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I am about to ‘come out’ as it were myself in a similar vein but with something different behind it – namely – action. May I link to this article as a reference? Naturally, your credits etc will be included. Thank you.

  • Avatar Gabriel Landergren says:

    Great article and Thank You. Being grounded, lots of hugs, smiles, massage, compliments, close listening, playing, mindfulness, feeling, hearfulness, presence, dreaming, laughing, gratitude, and reading good messages as this works well!

  • Avatar Bensonchin says:

    Dear Dr. Jill,

    I have been your subscriber for more than a year. Like to know why? Your articles are great.


  • Avatar Emily says:

    I found the article helpful.  As a yoga instructor I like to find articles that my students can benefit from and this one is!

  • Avatar EllenTime2HEAL says:

    I feel the best way to tap into Zero-Point Field Energy is to put a Zero-Point Energy tool in my hand or wear around my neck!!
    and everywhere around the world,  people are doing this!!  When we
    apply the Zero-Point Energy to our bodies, the cells are invited back
    into a state of balance, homeostasis,  or state of ease rather than
    You can find out much more information at http://www.JoanneMShort.info. Make sure you listen to Dr. Cohn presentation, which you can find on the page labeled Step #3.     Enjoy all the benefits! 

  • Avatar renato says:

    Great job Dr. Jill, many thank you, from your frend  Renato 

  • Avatar EllenTime2Heal says:

    There are numerous studies available to show how zero-point energy affect the wellness of the body!!  Check out www.JoanneMShort.info. where you can see and hear of results,  This knowledge is the start of Self-Care Wellness! Have a Wanderful Day.

  • Avatar Edward Leigh says:

       Homeopathy works,
       Astrology works,
      now new evidence of our higher self,
     is this all connected to 2012 ??
     I wonder.

  • Avatar Kali says:

    I don’t think our higher self needs ‘growing’. I feel that our ‘lower/smaller self’ or ego needs to acknowledge that there is something greater than it and allow itself to be guided by that rather than trying to control and drive everything. I think intuition and logic can only ultimately ‘agree’ if logic is willing to let go of its grip on the bank of the river and go with the flow of the water. I think the whole transformation process is about letting our hearts be paramount and from there creating a different kind of partnership with the head/brain/mind. It’s no mistake that it was the mystics who first accessed this new state of ‘universal being’ — because it is a ‘mystical’ process. Hard for scientists to allow mystery to be mystery!

  • Avatar BlessingsInTheMire says:

    We are all perfect in our human-ness.

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