Are you looking for an easy and powerful way to become a higher and better version of yourself?

Would you like to learn a simple tool that can not only quickly raise your vibration, but can also be used to open doors to greater creativity, improve your health, give you more happiness and increase your abundance?

Our lives are shaped by the questions we ask, and once you learn how to ask yourself what I like to call “noble questions”, you can quickly begin to design the life of your dreams.

For example, some of your noble questions may include:

“How can I make this a great day?”

“What steps can I take to bring even more joy into this present moment?”

“How can I use this opportunity to discover more of who I am?”

“What ideas am I hiding from myself, that once revealed, will bring me even greater happiness?”

“What miracles are going to come into my life today?”

“Whose life can I make even better?”

 The Truth Behind Law Of Attraction

If you have been studying any of the Law of Attraction principles, you would have learned that we are connected to a higher universal source that loves us, and as we command (with clear focus, intention and high vibration), so shall we receive.

And yet so many of us create our visions, speak our affirmations, state our intentions and then go about our days wondering why things are not getting better.

If you knew that every question you asked was answered, would you not be more careful about the questions you asked? And would you not invest more time in the asking?

By following a few simple rules you can begin to utilize the noble question technique to improve your life in ways you may not yet know how to imagine.

Rule 1

Only ask questions that contain answers that help you get to where you want to go. Never ask questions to help you understand why you have failed or why you are stuck.

Remember that you will always receive the answer to the questions you ask. Do you really want to know why you are stuck, or would you prefer to know what steps to take to walk into greater freedom?

Do you want to understand why you suffer, or would you instead want to learn what steps to take to bring more celebration and joy into your life? Ask questions whose direct answers move you into the life you intend.

For example:

“What steps can I take to bring even greater abundance into my life?”

“Who is going to enter my life today that can provide me with the tools I need?”

Rule 2

Always indicate in your question that you are already successful and are looking for even greater success. For example:

“How can I share even more of my beauty with the world?”

“What additional steps can I take to access even more of my inherent genius?”

Within this rule we are activating the power of “act as if” and we are also reminding you that even though you may not yet be where you are intending to go, you are already on the journey and are already enjoying some level of success.

If you have access to the internet and food you are abundant. If you are breathing, moving and connecting – you are enjoying a fair amount of health. As you create questions that already contain an acknowledgement of success, you are also automatically tapping into a state of gratitude which is a vibration raiser on its own right.

Rule 3

Include action in your questions. For example:

“In what ways can I allow myself to open to receive even more support from the world around me?”

“In what ways can I be of even greater service?”

To manifest the life of our dreams we must act. Look for the steps you can take and look for ways that you can open to receive more (for receiving is also an action). Remember that action does not mean you aren’t enjoying yourself. Make your work your play and you will awaken each morning excited for all the day will bring.

Rule 4

Do not consciously attempt to answer the questions and stay open to receive them in whichever way they appear.

Remember that every question you ask is answered and that it is not your job to consciously come up with the answer.  It is simply your task to formulate the questions, to put them out there and then to be available to receive the answer in whatever way it materializes.

Sometimes the answer will pop into your head and sometimes it will show up in casual conversation with the person in front of you in the grocery store. Occasionally it will ease into your space so quietly that it is only until afterwards that you realize that the question has already been answered.

Just remember that every question is answered and if you believe you haven’t received an answer, it is only because you weren’t paying attention. Which is okay – just keep asking the questions, stay open to the answers, and always practice having fun with the process.

Cyndi Krupp

Cyndi Krupp

Once a highly stressed panic stricken engineer, Cyndi Krupp has found her joy in a life dedicated to helping people live their highest and best most joy filled lives. She runs one of the largest personal development websites, and also understands the power of giving. Visit her website to access not one, but 20 really cool transformative gifts

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