Do you want to know how to supercharge the law of attraction? Gratitude fuel is the answer. What’s gratitude fuel, you ask? No, it’s not something that needs to be mined from the earth and it doesn’t kill brain cells when you breath it in (although it very well aught to get you ‘high’!) Gratitude fuel is anything and everything you do to put yourself in appreciation for even the teensiest, tiniest aspects of your life.

If there’s one thing we know, the law of attraction means that the thoughts and feelings you fill yourself with is what you’ll vibrate. And what you vibrate is what you get. So my question is this: If you want a life that makes you happy, don’t you want to fill or ‘fuel’ yourself with happiness as much as you can?

Well, I know the answer is obvious. Of course we all want to be happy. The question is: how? How do you ‘fuel’ yourself with happiness if you’re life is less than, well, happy?

Fueling yourself with happiness – no matter how seemingly unhappy your current circumstances are – means finding things to be grateful for as much and as often as possible. In fact, your quantity of daily gratitude fuel should be in equal and opposite measure to the negative aspects of your life. (In other words, the crappier you think your life is, the more gratitude fuel you should be giving yourself every single day.)

So let’s say that the gap between where you are right now in your life – financially, emotionally, relationally, energetically and physically – feels really really far from where you want to be. Then you’re going to want to start using everything you’ve got to notice things to thank about. I mean pull out all the stops and get downright silly about what to appreciate. Here are some starters:

  • Every time you see your favorite color say thanks.
  • Every time you have food to eat, say thanks.
  • Every time you walk, sleep, drive, get a paycheck, or brush your teeth, say thanks.
  • How about clothes? Isn’t it nice to have enough of them to stay warm in the winter and few enough of them to stay cool in the summer? Say thank you!
  • How about the roof over your head when it rains?
  • The friendly cashier at the grocer’s?
  • The happy neighborhood dog?
  • The old man who always greets you with a smile?
  • Clean sheets?
  • Flowers in spring time?
  • A clear blue sky?

See what I mean? There’s tons of things to be grateful for once you start to think about it. So start to think about it and get your Law of Attraction energies on!

Take a minute right now and look around, then answer this: What’s one thing you have to be grateful for? Leave us a comment and let us know :)



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