After a long day at work, nothing can be better than a relaxed and comfortable sleep. But, it is no fun when you spend the night tossing and turning while you struggle to get some sleep. And before you know it, off goes your alarm, ringing aloud, just when you finally managed to doze off.

When you have a sleepless night, it pretty much ruins the next morning. It affects your productivity and performance at work. It completely drains your energy and spoils your mood. On the whole, it messes with the quality of life.

There is one way to ensure a better quality of sleep – plants. Plants tend to spread a relaxing and purifying vibe. They bring freshness and vitality to your space and also enhance the natural aesthetics of the room. Filling your home with beautiful and lively plants can pave the way for a healthy sleeping pattern. These plants will help you sleep better due to their calming effects:

1. Peace Lily

As it is rightfully called, the peace lily is known to help in filtering harmful toxins from the air, like benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. The plant is not only beautiful to look at, but it can also effectively boost the room’s humidity by up to 5%. Not just that, the peace lily can relieve irritation caused by dry nose and throat that leads to endless coughing. This super plant suppresses all airborne microbes that can cause allergies. Hence, it can be the perfect addition to your room.

2. Jasmine

Popularly known for its captivating fragrance, this exotic plant has soothing effects on the body and mind. Experts say that the presence of jasmine in the room ensures a better quality of sleep as it reduces the anxiety levels. Better quality of sleep has proven to increase productivity and alertness during the day. Hence, having this beautiful little plant in your bedroom can work as a sleeping aid. Apart from adding to the aesthetics of the room, jasmine creates a positive vibe and can brighten up your mood.

3. Lavender

When it comes to inducing restful sleep and reducing anxiety levels, lavender is the best plant to opt for. According to a study, lavender was found to promote healthy sleeping. We all love the natural essence of lavender, but did you know there is much more to it? The scent of lavender is known to slow down the heart rate and lower the blood pressure. The soothing properties of lavender can keep stress at bay.

4. Aloe Vera

You might be familiar with the wonder plant, aloe vera. But, did you know it can help you get restful sleep? Keeping an aloe vera plant in your bedroom offers many health benefits. It releases oxygen at night, helping you doze better. Apart from being one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain, it also creates a peaceful aura in the room. It cleanses the air around you, helping you breathe better, which leads to good sleep.

5. Valerian

This blissfully scented plant is popularly used as a scent. Valerian is a perennial flowering plant that blooms in the summers with white or pink flowers. The sweet perfume of valerian blossoms can make you fall asleep. By cleansing the air in your surroundings, it ensures a better quality of sleep. Ancient philosophers and physicians prescribed valerian to those suffering from insomnia as it enables good sleep.

6. English Ivy

Another plant that is popularly known to purify the air around it is the English ivy. According to a study, English ivy cleared almost all of the airborne fecal matter. Apart from absorbing harmful fumes, it also sustains the oxygen levels in the room, which promotes better sleep. It also gets rid of common household toxins. These factors make it a good plant to keep in your bedroom.

Keeping these plants in your bedroom is not as difficult as it may seem. They require simple maintenance, and with certain precautions, they can be suitable for your household. A variety of plants can purify the air by sustaining the oxygen levels, which is mandatory for a good night’s sleep. They filter the air and aerate your home and also enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. Apart from being decorative, these houseplants can also prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to your health. If you want to have a healthy sleeping pattern, try keeping any of these plants in your bedroom and get rid of sleep disorders.


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12 Plants For Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep

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