Turmeric is nowadays referred to as the ‘king of spices’ thanks to the numerous medicinal and health properties it offers. It is rich in vital vitamins as well as mineral salts while its antioxidant properties make it ideal for fighting a wide range of inflammatory conditions in the body. In general, turmeric is highly therapeutic as research further reveals the health and healing properties of the disease. Here are some of the popular practical uses which have made the spice more popular.

1.  Teeth whitening

For those with discoloured teeth as a result of different stains like caffeine, nicotine and others, having a perfect bright smile can be a challenge. Not everyone has the time or financial resources to keep appointments with the dentist. A great benefit of turmeric is that you can have an effective and reliable tooth whitening agent at home.

There is little in terms of preparation, you just need to add some of the turmeric to your toothpaste or the home made teeth whitening recipe and start seeing the changes after regular use.

2. Culinary uses


The culinary uses of turmeric are endless. It is used in a number of ways starting with adding a deep flavour and rich aroma to foods. It mixes well with a range of dishes and other spices and is used to make soups, sauces, salad dressings, dairy products, bakery products and a host of other food toppings and products.

It’s also useful as a natural preservative and that’s is why it used to marinate fresh fish and meat and are pretty effective in removing the fish smell.

Other culinary uses of turmeric include being used a raw material to make masala curry powder as well as flavouring sweet dishes.

3. Relieving menstrual problems.

For women having their periods on, taking turmeric around this time is really helpful as it helps reduce and eliminate a number of issues.  Its anti-inflammatory properties as well as wound healing abilities ensure one can combat problems like excessive bleeding, cramping, mood swings as well as bloating. This ensures you maintain utmost comfort throughout the period as a normal day.

4. Better makeup results for women

If you are looking to achieve that final glow after makeup, then you can add a little turmeric to your moisturizer or foundation. It ensures you get a flawless finish with the result matching your skin tone. Turmeric has been used for this purpose in India for decades.

5. Skin care

Turmeric is an effective way to take care of your skin regardless of the type. When added to soap or lotions, it can help to soothe and even out the skin.

For those with dry skin, a mixture of turmeric powder, egg white and lemon juice applied to the dry portions, moisturizes and soothes the skin. For those with oily skin, turmeric helps control the production of oil and removes the dirt clearing clogged pores. An effective homemade mixture for this will be turmeric powder, fuller’s earth and rose water. This should be applied on skin for about 15 minutes and then rinsed off.

Turmeric can also help lighten up cases of stretch marks. All that is needed is adding it to your creams or making a paste of turmeric and milk, or turmeric with lemon juice. This should be used daily and left to stay for ten minutes.

6. Treat burn wounds

Turmeric is an effective treatment of burns and also in ensuring the healed wounds do not leave behind large scars. Its anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties ensure there is no infection or pain and the antiseptic properties help in healing. Turmeric can be mixed with cold water or Aloe Vera gel and applied to the area a couple of times a day.

7. Skin diseases

Turmeric can be used to heal and manage the condition of a variety of skin diseases. These include acne and pimples, eczema and skin rashes. For acne and pimples, turmeric powder prevents infection and eliminates the bacteria causing acne while fighting of the swelling. It also clears up the clogged pores. A face pack of sandalwood and turmeric will be effective.

For use on eczema, turmeric soothes the wounds, manages the inflammation while relieving pain. You can use milk and turmeric paste or use hot water with turmeric in to rinse the affected area.

8. Weight loss

weight loss

Turmeric is an effective agent for weight loss. Taking it regularly helps in the burning of excessive fat by boosting your metabolism rate, by aiding the natural detoxification of the liver. With the liver improved and healthy, it is able to burn up fats much faster aiding your other work out efforts and resulting in much faster weight loss since you can burn more calories faster.

9. Anti-Aging 

Turmeric slows down the aging process and even treats some of the aging symptoms. For example it helps combat neuron-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s by slowing them down. It improves the functioning of the brain and the nerves. It also helps in removing wrinkles and face lines whether taken orally or applied like a face mask.

10. Indigestion

Turmeric stimulates and helps free up the digestive system allowing the movement of food and the removal of gas and constipation. It affects several areas on the digestive tract helping combat indigestion problems around the gastrointestinal area.

11. Relieving Depression and Mood Swings


Turmeric has been found to decrease depression and mood swings largely through its anti-oxidant properties. It has also been found to air the effectiveness of anti- depressant drugs when uses along with them as a supplement. It can improve the mood and also provides better night sleep.

12. Hair Health

Another practical use for the magical spice is enhancing the health and condition of the hair. Turmeric promotes the health of the scalp and the growth of hair by reducing conditions such as dandruff and other scalp problems like itching.

When mixed with olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil, the mixture improves the condition of any scalp and guarantees longer hair while preventing hair breakage.


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