What is my purpose?

This question plagues many at various points in their lives. It is a question that cuts to the core of a person’s being. Finding an answer seems overwhelming and induces loads of anxiety.

If you do these five things, you’ll find that although you may not find your purpose right away, you’ll feel much better while you figure things out.

1. Take a break from needing to know

This is huge. Consciously decide to take a break from having to know where your life is going and what your purpose is.
It’s OK not to know and it’s OK if it’s taking more time than you hoped to find it. Surrender yourself to the unknown and find peace in giving up the battle to know and control everything.

2. Stop looking for the perfect “career”

Many spend a lot of time searching the internet for the perfect career that will fix everything. A magic career pill that will solve their search for meaning.
The truth is, your purpose might be in something that isn’t compensated monetarily. Realizing this will broaden your horizons and greatly expand the experiences you can have.
5 Simple Ways To Discover Your Purpose

3. Incorporate mindfulness exercises into your life

Most of us spend our days lost in thought. Especially if you are worried about finding your purpose, your thoughts might be plagued with regrets about the past and worries about the future.
Mindfulness exercises, like meditation and yoga, help you stay more present in the moment. When you are in the moment, finding a grand, overall purpose seems far less daunting — and less important!

4. Follow your heart — truly

This oft given piece of advice is harder to follow than to receive. However, the results of following your heart can be tremendous.
Without the pressures of outside expectations, you’ll be free to follow whatever passion or interest sparks life in you. And therein might lie your purpose.

5. Talking to other people about how you feel

It’s hard to find people to talk about these deep issues. Even with close family and friends, you might they won’t understand. However, when you start opening up, you’ll find that many share the same struggle. Finding purpose is a common endeavor to all of humanity.
You may also find that many have very helpful suggestions on how to move forward. You’re not a lone in your existential crisis!

You’ll come to realize that you don’t really “find” your purpose – your purpose comes to you. You’ll just need to have an open heart, free of anxiety, to receive it when it’s ready to reveal itself to you.

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