Does life seem hard? Do you want to make it easier, with as minimal effort as possible?

You can have an easy life, just as long as you don’t want to put any effort into it. You may not be “happy”, but it will certainly be “easy”. These are some tips to help you get started.

1. Embrace comfort

This is key for an uneventful and unfulfilling life. You’ve got to learn where your “Comfort zone” is.

Comfort zones, are exactly that: zones.

Moving out of them means you can face struggle and difficulty. Remain in your comfort zone as much as possible to avoid this.

2. See if you have any talents, rather then going for something you like

When people go for things they like, it usually means for them a life of struggle and difficulty.

Only those who have any actual talent actually get anywhere.

Try out a few things; and if you find you’re not at all a natural, then it’s best just to move on. After all, you can always get some repetitive unspecialized job. It’s all about the money anyways, isn’t it?

3. Repeated failures are a sign to stop

Sometimes, people are just not good at things.

If you keep failing, obviously you’re doing something wrong, and trying over and over is only going to produce the same result.

It’s much easier to give up instead.

Do You Really Want To Live An Easy Life?

4. Go to college because you feel you have to, not because you want to

I followed this advice right after high school, and I got me a decent liberal arts degree.

Society was telling me I should, and I figured if I wanted to move up in life I’d need a degree.

I didn’t even need to learn anything specific, because…

5. All college degrees are basically the same anyway

You probably heard about how most graduates today don’t get a job in their field, so obviously you can take the easy way out, rather then going for something specific like chemistry.

The important thing is you have a degree, not a specific one. 

 6. Remember, Your lucky break is coming right around the corner

One day things are going to line up for you.

You’ll find that winning lottery ticket, true love, and your boss will suddenly notice how much work you do. That promotion will be there in no time.

Just keep doing what you’re doing, and eventually everything will change for the better.

Do You Really Want To Live An Easy Life?

7. Holding grudges is perfectly healthy

There’s nothing wrong with holding a grudge, or any other painful feelings.

They are reminders of why you shouldn’t trust people.

People are mostly out to get you, which is why the next tip is …

8. Forgiveness is a sign of weakness

Forgiveness means that you’re allowing a person to take advantage of you.

When you forgive people it allows them to do whatever they like without any concern for you.

Forgiveness will only make you feel foolish. Forgiveness doesn’t actually help you feel better either.

9. There’s never time to do anything!

You have to get up and work every day, and when you come home you’re exhausted. Who has time to do anything but rest after work? If you want to stay in your comfort zone, you should rest the  moment you have an opportunity.

10. Remember, the world is deliberately unfair.

This is a simple reminder to tell you that things are just plain unfair. There’s suffering in the world, and while people are better off, there are people who are worse off. Why should you try to change anything? It’s a big world. What can one person do? Alternatively, if you can take advantage of something, or someone, go for it. It’s an unfair world.

These are tips for if you want to live an easy, uneventful life. There’s no guarantee of happiness here, but there is a guarantee of easiness. No one said you wouldn’t still be miserable, but your life is certainly going to be much easier than if you followed the opposite. Happiness after all, takes work. Why not just take it easy instead?


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