Shift Your Perception to Change Your RealityReality is an illusion.

Even when we share a simultaneous experience with someone else, it’s possible that our perception of that experience will be very different.

Therefore, the way we perceive each situation – and our lives – ultimately shapes our reality.

Given this, by learning to shift our perception, it becomes very possible to create a better and brighter reality for ourselves.

“When you become aware of the fact that you are constructing your own reality, you can take charge and construct a reality that is more pleasing to you. If you change your story (or literally, change your mind, vibration, or intentions) you can change your circumstances.”

To learn more about the power of perception and the illusion of reality, check out this fascinating article, Illusions and the Mind: Perception is Reality, and tell us what you think of the visualization exercises in the comments box below.

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