What if you changed your perspective and viewed your existence as an artistic masterpiece in progress?

Imagine your life as being an incomplete Michelangelo or Picasso piece which starts as a blank canvas, and that with every conscious stroke, turns more and more into a masterpiece that will be cherished by all who are touched by its radiating beauty.

In this 9-minute video, the inspiring Dr. Wayne Dyer gives his unique take on awakening and how to balance this spiritual pilgrimage with modern day pressures, such as the need to have success, in every facet of our lives.

Watch the video to hear how you can change your perspective from measuring your worth based on your success, to seeing your life as a masterpiece in progress. The paradox to this, of course, is once you shift your focus away from the things you’ve been tirelessly striving toward, those very same things often turn up in abundance once you stop looking for them. Funny how the Universe works sometimes.

Share with us below what you think of Dyer’s beautiful analogy of making your life a living masterpiece.

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