Listen to your body

The weekend is almost here, the finish line is waiting for you… you can do it!

If you’re crossing the line feeling a little worse for wear and carrying the load of the week on your back – your mind and body are probably calling out for some well-deserved rest…..however you have other plans.

There’s that amazing party tonight, spin class tomorrow morning, followed by lunch with friends, shopping, some work in the afternoon, drinks in the evening, your nieces birthday on Sunday and then dinner at your parent’s house. You’re exhausted just thinking about it, but it’s nothing that a bit of coffee or Red Bull can’t fix, right?

But then the next week comes and follows a similar pattern and your quick fixes aren’t doing the job and you feel a cold coming on. Sound familiar?

Why don’t we listen to our body when it’s telling us to slow down? We often think we can trick it into thinking we’re fine, but the truth is your mind and body are connected, so any stress felt in your mind, will also be felt in your body and vise versa.

So this weekend, if you feel your mind and body are begging for some respite, listen to what their synchronized little voices are saying! Even if you can only squeeze in an hour or two – your body will thank you for it!

Here’s a few of our favorite ways to give our mind and bodies a little lovin’:

  • Cancel any early morning classes or activities – wake up naturally, then treat yourself to breakfast in bed and snuggle up with a book. Don’t entertain any feelings of guilt for not going to that spin class!
  • Get in touch with nature – go for a walk in your favorite park or if you can, escape to the countryside or to the beach for a few hours. It’s amazing how quickly the cares of the week float away after a hike or when watching a sunset and becoming mesmerized by its beauty. Not only is this good therapy for the mind and body, it’s these precious moments where some of the best dreams or plans are born.
  • Avoid emotionally draining or negative people. Perhaps you have plans with a friend or family member who has a tendency to complain about their life (in great detail) every time you meet. After two coffees and a piece of cake with them, you end up leaving feeling deflated and heavy – and that’s not from the post sugar and caffeine come down either! Cancel your plans with them and stay at home and make yourself a cake instead!
  • Eat well and laugh with someone you love. Go to your favorite local restaurant with someone special and spend the afternoon putting the world to rights, eat some good food and most importantly, laugh!

What are your best ways to unwind? Tell us what sends you to your happy place!

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