Amy Scott Grant

Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant is a highly entertaining bestselling author and master intuitive healer who specializes in twofold clearing: getting clear (achieving immediate clarity), and the permanent removal or clearing of obstacles. Amy has coached and mentored thousands of individuals to create rapid breakthrough results by permanently clearing millions of blocks, doubts, fears and limiting beliefs at the deepest core level. She is the creator and visionary of several books, videos, methods, audio programs, healing tools, life-changing retreats, and Ripple Magic, an immersive transformational program of personal and global impact. For access to hundreds of Amy’s articles, videos, products, and more, visit her website.

The concept of “celebrating wins” isn’t new, but if you’re not celebrating every micro-win, you’re missing out. The original idea of celebrating wins was based on Law of Attraction 101: whatever you bring energy, attention, and focus to will grow. Therefore, if you focus on celebrating your wins, you’re sure to attract more reasons to celebrate. Makes sense, right? But more recently, we have discovered even more reasons to celebrate even the tiniest of wins:…