Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah AKA The Soul Agent, is an award winning founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with conscious & heart centered entrepreneurs, leaders and Soul led business owners across the globe and helps them put more soul and spirit back into their lives! With a strong passion and mission to transform money stories and assist people to discover their life purpose and get on with living the dream and doing what they are here to do in the world and for the planet. To have your own abundance adventure, sign up for Sarupa’s free 31 Day Money Affirmation Challenge!

Money blocks come in all shapes, sizes, and stories. You will know you have hit a money block when either (a) your money flow stops, and you are hitting the walls of financial struggle and fear and looking for a way out that you can’t seem to find. Or (b) you can’t get beyond a certain financial ceiling, and it feels like you have plateaued and can’t go further. Eventually, this becomes a point of…