Osho Shivo

Osho Shivo a.k.a. the consciousness evolution guide, is an enlightened mystic who has helped people explore the new horizons of spirituality through practices designed for modern times. His workshop, Celebrating Love, shifts the context of relationship between man and woman from conflict to celebration. He is also the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, a foundation that researches and develops the science of astrology. Visit him at his Facebook page, Facebook

While most people think of tantra merely as a method for firing up your sex-life, tantric sex is really about creating a deep physical and spiritual connection with your partner AND yourself.  Therefore, you can expect to get your world rocked (in the best way) on multiple fronts. In fact, just one deep tantra experience is enough for harmonizing your life with divine purpose. Hence don’t be surprised with the occurrence of miraculous events, which…