Nicole Charisse

Nicole Charisse is a writer, speaker, and sassy spiritual sage who uses her intuitive gifts to help women who've had a soul alarm experience and are stuck at a crossroads in their life, unsure which way to go. With her support, they “shed the shoulds” — tap into their inner voice, get rid of the need to live up to expectations, gain clarity about their direction and purpose, and overcome the self-doubt and fear that keeps them spinning their wheels instead of moving forward. As a result, they feel grounded, centered, and are able to lead the life they were born to live, by simply being who they were born to be! She has creatively guided women around the world to begin manifesting their dreams through coaching, e-courses, and workshops. Nicole Charisse believes that everyone deserves to have a hot n’ steamy love affair with life, and can easily make it happen by figuring out the true desires of the authentic self, why those dreams exist, and then developing emotionally charged personal rituals to close the gap between “here” and “there”. Additionally, she loves puppies, drinks that taste like vacation, pizza, glitter, and cheesy teen dramas. Check out her web site to learn more about her work.

Expectations. They are something we all have, from the time we are young, right on up through the time we take our final breath. Yet, even though expectations are clearly a huge part of our lives, few of us truly learn to set healthy, realistic expectations and manage them well. All of the wishes, desires, hopes, and wants we carry around, which are never really quite fulfilled, have the power to greatly influence the satisfaction…