Morgan McKean

Often compared to a “Butterfly on Redbull”, Morgan McKean is an Intuitive Empath and Counselor with a keen knack for helping people navigate the beautiful, yet sometimes murky waters of life, love, and intimate relationships. The author of the new sassy self-help guide, “Becoming Princess Charming”, Morgan’s messages about intuition, self-love and alignment have helped thousands get “unstuck”, and back to the business of happy and healthy living. For more, you can visit her website at:

Have you ever felt frustrated or “stuck” and thought, “Geez, why couldn’t I have been born with some kind of compass that can direct me towards my desired experiences?” If the answer is “Yes!” – then do I have some fabulous news for you! Each of us was born with an internal compass that helps us to navigate our life experiences – it’s called our emotions.  Similar to a car or mobile phone’s GPS, our…