Kurt Schiewetz

This corporate-job juggling life inventor has locked himself into perpetual states of learning and teaching. For God knows why - he doesn't feel comfortable without a book in hand, a course playing in his ear, or sharing his message for all to hear. He fuels his unbridled thirst for knowledge by hittin' the weights, cookin' up veggie-filled keto feasts, and meditating the night away. You can find him on long walks pondering deep concepts and looking at nature with an almost weird serene reverence. He’s on a mission to share how our blissful dreams are made possible. Follow along his brand new up and coming blog for a surprise twist with what’s coming next.

Shifting our consciousness to get into the present moment is the necessary foundation for creating a life of our dreams. The present moment is everything. Literally. People meditate, climb mountains, surf the ocean, listen to music, and dance the night away all to feel alive in the present moment. But we’re not always meditating or on an awesome adventure. Most often than we’d like to admit, the cycle of life keeps the present moment hidden…