Evy Y. Parkinson

Creator of Harmoniousinfinity — Mind-Body-Spirit Harmony. She combines her studies and life experience to create a unique therapy which focuses on real healing and getting results. Some of her studies & practices are: Clinical Hypnotherapy/ BSc in Psychology/ Tai Chi & Qi Gong Practitioner/ EFT Practitioner / Meditation. She is the author of Mindful Eating -Connect to your Body Through Awareness- (1st Chapter Download for Free on website). Evy conducts Mindful Eating Programs and offers one to one sessions in person and via Skype. All from a Holistic Perspective. She is based on the healing island of Tobago, W.I. and sometimes travels to other places to give her therapy or workshops

We all know the history of humans and the history of society. What is interesting at this point on time is the transition we are making as a collective. Things can’t be the same way anymore. The human consciousness is evolving and it has to. It is natural. In the same way, the structures and systems that were once useful in society do not work anymore. That is what change is all about, that is…