Deborah Fairfull

Deborah Fairfull Deborah Fairfull brings to people simple, practical and powerful ideas to enhance their every day lives. She has written the books and eCourses: Bliss Every Day,  Love Now and Glow while you Grow . She is a trained kinesiologist with a background in counseling and psychology, and is passionate about sharing the skills to make our lives easier—to help us return to our divine, natural, loving state. 

Bliss came to me spontaneously as an energetic experience 15 years ago, which changed my life forever. Here is this article we discuss what does blissful mean? and how it works? All I could feel was the divine perfection in myself and everything else. I felt totally alive with energy, joyful and complete, flowing effortlessly with life. Later I discovered I had experienced an awakening—what the yogis refer to as ‘ananda’, meaning limitless, full, and…