Woody Woodrow

About the Author Woody Woodrow

Woody Woodrow is an internationally touring musician, yoga instructor, and a daily meditator. He helped found his heavy rock band “Our Last Night” over a decade ago and now travels around the globe sharing Yoga and Meditation before his shows. He was first introduced to Yoga after college, at a time when he was struggling with debilitating low back pain. His discovery of Yoga not only supported his back but it led to a shift in lifestyle and helped him find his voice. He shares his voice on his blog “The Weekly Vibe” which can be found at WoodyWoodrow.com every Wednesday. He also enjoys posting quick Yoga and Meditation videos on his YouTube channel for those on the go like himself. He believes with a busy lifestyle it’s not about how much we can do but how often we show up. He balanced his Yoga training, much like his college studies, while touring the world. He believes that the way we practice Yoga reflects the way we live, so he encourages everyone to pretend like their mat is a mirror to their life and practice in a comfortable, relaxed and powerful way, so it becomes how we live.