In September of 2009 I had an incredible awakening of my mind, spirit and heart. I manifested a gift called The Art of Universal Knowing or TAUK for short. What I know now, in hindsight, is that I had been on a lifelong journey of enlightenment to bring me to the place where I could trust my intuition and be at peace enough to speak my truth.

Even as a little girl growing up in Iowa, I remember thinking anything is possible. I would have dreams as a child of flying around my house and the feeling of weightlessness was so tangible. When I woke I would try to ‘lift off’ our living room couch and fly to the kitchen. I wasn’t successful but never thought it was just a dream or impossible, just that I hadn’t figured out how yet!

As a young adult I started reading books by Edgar Cayce and Shirley MacLaine. I was fascinated by how they had mastered gifts and had such trust in their spirited adventures. I had always been very open minded but back in the 80’s & 90’s it seemed as though more and more information was becoming mainstream about the ‘New Age’, meditation and channeling. I drank it all in, read many, many books and started to have readings by different energy workers.

Rose quartz pendulum

When I would sit for a psychic reading or a tarot card reader I would always bring the conversation around to asking how they had discovered their gift and what their experience felt like. I was fascinated to try and understand what it was that they did or trusted that I hadn’t yet mastered. At this point I didn’t feel the need to BE one of these people; I just wondered what it was they did differently than me and so many others.

It was around this time that I picked up a new book called “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. I was fascinated by his process and his messages felt true to the core of my being. Also, around this time my marriage fell apart and I was left to raise three young children. I had been told that if you held a book closed, asked for guidance & opened the book, it would open to exactly what you needed to know. So, in this stressful time, I tried it with the CWG book. Wouldn’t you know, every single time it worked! This lead me to the quandary of either this method was ridiculously accurate or my life was so messed up EVERYTHING I opened the book up to was needed!

As mine and my children’s lives became more settled I ventured farther down my path of awareness. I met a wonderful transplant from India named Malabika Shaw. She is a wonderful teacher of energy and I absorbed her classes on Reiki. Although I loved Reiki I didn’t feel pulled to it. Everything changed for me when I decided to learn a process from Malabika called Spiritual Response Therapy, or SRT. This is a system of energy work that uses a pendulum and charts to help clear energy. At first it all seemed very complicated and I wondered if I had made a mistake. As we progressed in the class, I realized I understood what she was teaching almost before she could say it! At one point I even spoke up to say it felt like a sunroof had opened on my head and I could feel ‘something’ happening within me. Malabika just laughed and in her Indian accent said,”Oh honey, you are getting downloads!” I wasn’t totally sure what that meant but I knew it felt great!

Suzanne with her late father

After the weekend class I went home to dutifully practice my new knowledge of SRT. It was then that as I sat at my kitchen table, pendulum and charts in hand, that I felt very strongly the presence of my late father, Ron. My father had been gone for 18 years, a victim of suicide. I had felt him beside me before, but this was much stronger. My heart began to race as I sat thinking how could I connect to him. Within a few minutes I had begun what I know now as The Art of Universal Knowing.

The gift of TAUK has not only taught me how to connect to loved ones who have passed but to masters, angels & guides. It has taught me how to open & heal my heart and the power of imagination to create and manifest.

Most people are drawn towards TAUK as a way to reconnect to love ones who have passed over, to their guides & angels and to the Universal Source for guidance & enlightenment. TAUK is a process of easily learning how to channel. Actually the word ‘channel’ is a very true description of the process. If you picture a radio and ‘tuning in’ to a particular radio station or channel, this is like channeling. You are opening your heart and raising your frequency so that you may easily tap into a higher level of consciousness. Once you find the right frequency, then you allow the information from other love filled dimensions to come through you, not from you.

The work of opening & healing of the heart is a very wonderful by-product of learning the Art of Universal Knowing. It may come with conversations from friends or family who has passed. They are now operating without ego and have a broad perspective and greater understanding of their actions on earth. Their information allows you to let go of pain and to understand why an event happened and what growth came from it. You could think of this as the kindest and most gentle therapy session!

Understanding the power of our imagination is to be the creator of our life experience & will give you the knowledge of how to manifest the life and experiences you desire for your greater good. Imagination is the building block to life or thought, transfer & matter. Thoughts are transferred with imagination & love. When you have a thought and imagine that thought as a possibility, matter is charged and you create a probability. Then you manifest your details, establishing the assured outcome. Opening your heart is the depositing of gratitude that links the reality to the matter. Matter can be positively or negatively charged. Imagination is the power to manifest your dreams.

The Art of Universal Knowing is a tool to assist you in your awakening and your enlightenment in these very powerful & important times that we live in. The power is within you, the frequency is obtainable and each of us has the divine right to access this vibration of truth & unconditional love. Live Love.

Suzanne Spooner
About Suzanne Spooner

With a beautiful energy that can light up a room, Suzanne Spooner is renowed as the founder of The Art of Universal Knowing (TAUK). She teaches her gift of reaching loved ones who have passed to those who seek it. You can learn more about Suzanne and TAUK at