I often talk about the concept of flow and how important it is to always remain in flow. A big part of that is being happy, but of course you can’t always be happy. Shit’s going to happen. Your business will go through problems, relationships may hang on a wire, your health could break down. So what do you do in situations like this?

Well, you have to accept that YES, problems happen. But when they happen there are 3 responses that you could fall into.

The 3 Reactions To A Problem

1. Panic and Frustration – You get into a foul mood, maybe slip into depression. Imagine if you’re a perfectly healthy person who suddenly gets diagnosed with a terminal illness or a kidney needs to be removed. Or maybe you’re running a business and because of certain circumstances you lose your top customer, shaving off 30% of your revenues forcing you to think about laying people off. This isn’t ideal. It’s normal for people to get into a funk, get angry, and frustrated. I mean, who wants a kidney removed? But you don’t want to stay here. This is not the optimal response.

1. Fix It – You start focusing on the problem itself. This can be a slippery slope. Some people start obsessing or they become totally fixated on what’s wrong, what needs fixing, what’s broken. This is not a good state either. Because what you focus on you magnify. So when you focus on the problem you begin to magnify the problem. You end up with an obsessive fixation on the problem and this is not going to solve your problems.

3. Create A New Vision – This is the state that you should find yourself in. This is the state you want to go into so that you can pull yourself out of the first two states. If you’re frustrated, angry, depressed, obsessing over the problem, you can still pull yourself into this third and most powerful state. In this state you create a vision so inspiring and powerful that the original existing problem becomes obsolete.

Here’s an example. Say you’re in a relationship. You’re madly in love with who you think is the person of your dreams. Then suddenly you get dumped. It sucks, you’re pissed, it hurts. Now the immediate response for many people would be to fix things. You might even try to look at yourself and try to figure out why you got dumped. Is it because you’re fat, not well-dressed, not good-looking enough. What happens then is you try to do things to change yourself. In essence, you think you’re broken so you have to fix yourself. Say, you decide that it’s because you’re not pretty enough. So you try to diet, lose weight, buy more make up, etc. This is not what you want to do.

Instead, you create a vision making the problem obsolete. So in our example, you decide that this person who dumped you wasn’t good enough for you or they just weren’t right for you. So you create a vision where you attract your ideal lover. You then create a vision of who you want to attract and who you want to be to attract this person. So now you get going on this vision. You’re no longer focused on the problem or fixing yourself. Let’s face it, fixing yourself isn’t inspiring. It just doesn’t put you in flow when you continually focus on your negative aspects. Instead focus on a future vision of who you are going to become and who you’re going to attract. This is inspiring and propels you forward.

By doing all this you will render your original problem obsolete. That douche bag who dumped is no longer your problem.

So what’s this process to create a vision that renders a problem obsolete? Just follow these 4 steps.

4 Steps To Creating A Vision That Makes A Problem Obsolete

1. Don’t call it a problem. Call it a project – This simple change of words will have a profound effect on your perspective. This comes from the Silva Method. Jose Silva, the founder would teach his students to label everything a project and by incorporating this with creative visualization they were able to see the solutions instead of being bogged down by negative thinking. This single labeling change has impacted me greatly. I no longer have problems, I have projects I work on.

2. Create a new vision where you know exactly what you want- Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get to your vision. Just get clear on what you want. Here’s the secret. You don’t have to know how, you need to know exactly WHAT. The how will come to you. You just have to put that vision out there and the right answers will come to you. The right opportunities, synchronicities, and circumstances will appear when you know exactly what it is you want. If you know what you want to create, your subconscious will imprint the right questions so that your mind will find the answers.

3. Pursue your vision aggressively – TAKE ACTION. Start taking classes, programs, or reading the right books to create the version of you that you need. If this is a business scenario and you just lost your biggest client, take action to find bigger, better clients, making your original loss obsolete. But you need to take action. If you don’t yet know what the action steps are, don’t worry. They will come to you. Just make sure you pursue and act on the opportunities that arise.

4. Monitor your state of flow – You’ll know you’re on the right path if you feel inspired, happy and joyful. In essence, you’re enjoying the journey. Even if you’re working long hours, you won’t feel stressed or anxious. But if you do notice that you’re feeling stressed out or overly worried, then you’ve lost that state of flow. When this happens you’re out of touch with your higher powers. In other words you’re not leveraging the unseen forces that will move you towards your goal. Always be in flow.


Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley — a ground-breaking company comprised of innovators, artists, technologist and dreamers from over 30 countries around the world. Vishen also created the transformational program, Consciousness Engineering.