We are living in an era of ‘survival of the fittest’, where only the fittest seem to make it to the top rankings. But does this mean you have to hit the gym daily?

No, I am not talking about physical fitness but psychological and personality fitness. This fitness can only be achieved by acquiring self-development skills.

Acquiring these skills requires an internal urge to become better and the willingness to learn new thing even when it hurts and at all costs. Several personal development skills will help in building a strong personality in order to become a better person than you were yesterday.

I will start off by expounding on some of the three most essential qualities that will transform your career, personality and your life as a whole. These include courage, persistence, and patience. These three will form the foundation for the 10 self-development skills that will aid in your personal growth. I will discuss these later.

But first things first:


This is the ability to act even when in fear. The courage depends on whether you think the action is worth the risk. In this case, you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone. And it’s only then, you realize that it was not that hard at all, and you were your own block to releasing your potential.


They say that good things come to those who wait. But what they don’t say is that in the process of waiting, you have to keep pushing towards obtaining what you want.

More so, you have to keep reminding yourself why the thing you are working towards is worth the wait. In so doing, you will have the thrill to keep pushing until you get it.


This goes hand in hand with persistence. You can be persistent, but you give up in the process, in which case, you will not get what you’ve worked so hard for. Thus, in the process of being persistent, you should also be patient. Patience helps develop rational thinking.

Now that we know the three founding qualities that will boost our personality development, let’s explore deeper and understand some of the self-development skills that will germinate from upholding the three main personal development skills.

10 Essential Self-Development Skills

1. Speak Less, Listen More

The reason you have one mouth and to ears is to allow you to speak less and listen more. By becoming a better listener, you are able to understand other people better, and they will be comfortable approaching you since listening to them will make them feel important. But if you are always taking more than you listening, it makes you look selfish.



2. Read More and Get Inspiration Daily

Self-development skills don’t just happen; they are built. To build your personality skills, you have to keep on learning. Find motivating books, articles or videos and make a habit of reading or watching one daily.

3. Be Open to Learning

When you are opening to learning, it’s easy to listen to other people’s ideas. Even though they are your juniors, be willing to hear their ideas. You might learn something new. This skill will also help you learn to accept mistakes. It will also give you the confidence to seek assistance in areas where you not good at. For example, if you feel you not good at a certain subject, you can seek academic assistance from reliable academic platforms.

4. Your Opinion Also Matters

In the process of hearing out other people’s views and ideas, it is also essential to keep in mind that your opinion also matters. This will help keep you relevant in a conversation and people will take you more serious, even when your opinion is not the most popular.

5. Come out of Your Comfort Zone

Courage and persistence are one of the qualities that will help you get out of the comfort zone. This means trying something new or taking up new challenges. The hardships encountered when you get out of your safeguard will harden you to face every twist of life

6. Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes should not shield you from exploring new thing: instead, they should be a learning platform. When taking up new ventures, failure is inevitable, and the only way you can go past your failures is by forgiving yourself and moving on.

7. Develop Your Social Network

Always remember that your network is your net worth. When you interact with other people, you get to learn new ideas and how to deal with people who have varying personalities. More so, you get to meet people who can help you in areas you are not good at which will broaden your horizon.

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8. Have a Positive Attitude and Outlook

Positive attitude houses positive energy. Strive to be that person whom people love being around. Who lights up the room and who always sees the good in others.

9. Little Things Matter

You don’t have to do something huge to make a difference. Start with the small things: say good morning to the guard, offer to empty the office dustbin, share your lunch with your workmate. Regardless of how small the action will be, it will definitely make a difference

10. Be Yourself

Last but not least, in all circumstance, you have to remain authentic; be yourself! Don’t try to be someone you not. We are all unique, and our uniqueness is what makes us awesome. However, in the process of being yourself, keep mind that you are also trying to uphold your personality development. In which case, you have to work on your weakness and unattractive traits.


The self-development skills are based on three primary qualities which are courage, patience, and persistence. We have the power and ability to shape our personal growth only if we get out of our comfort zone and be persistent is becoming better people.

Emily Watts

Emily Watts

Emily Watts is a motivational speaker, personal-development trainer author of transformational contents. She majors in helping people become their better version and achieving their goals. She also runs https://customwriting.com where you can source help in essay or academic writing.

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