A while back, we posted on Lakshmi Pratury’s talk on leaving behind letters for your children. Well, it seems that the yearn for this old-fashioned, romantic and tangible connection has indeed not withered, even today.

Blogger and “letter-writer” Hannah Brencher had always received handwritten letters from her mother. But when depression struck after college, she used letter-writing to heal herself – although instead of dedicating them to people she knew, she left them for strangers to find.

Watch this simple yet moving 5-minute video to find out Hannah has turned the act into a global initiative through The World Needs More Love Letters, and discover what power a pen and paper could have over someone’s life. Even those you don’t know.

Would you write a love letter to a stranger, and would you look forward to receiving one from a stranger? Let us know below. If this talk touched you the way it had us, like it on Facebook and share it with your friends, loved ones – and even stranger of two ;)

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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