Learning a new hobby is a great way to keep our brain active. Picking up a new skill requires the brain to understand instructions, store them to memory and make them available on recall.

Whilst it is common for kids to pick up a new trick every day, adults have a much harder time to learn new skills so effortlessly. To be honest, the thought of finding time to take French lessons or learning how to paint in between juggling everyday life tasks can seem rather time-consuming (and not to mention expensive).

However, some nice guys on the web have made it possible for even the busiest of bees to start learning in an effortless, time-efficient and cost-effective (it’s free!) way. Further, they have realized that it’s not just kids who can have fun learning. The more fun we have, the more relaxed we are, and the easier it is to pick up new information without forcing it down.

Here are three of our favorite free learning sites:

1. Khan Academy:

This not-for-profit organization is on a mission to improve the educational experience of anyone, anywhere. With over 3,000 videos covering a multitude of subjects and 317 exercises to practice what you’ve learned, the Khan Academy is a well-stocked hub of information. Aside from working at your own pace, you can check your progress through stats and work at improving them through the “web of knowledge” – an interactive map of available exercises. With over 1.3 million lessons delivered, this site is one to watch!

2. Memrise:
By using word associations or “memes”, our brains create vivid, visual or sensory memories that make it easier for us to absorb new facts. As such, Memrise uses different mediums to communicate a new word or fact in a manner that will help the brain retain the knowledge, whether through pictures, videos or phrases.

Memrise has also paired facts and languages into a game where you grow, trim and water short-term memories from the “greenhouse” to the “garden” of long-term memories. It sure is a unique and fun way to learn at any age.

3. All Recipes:

Sometimes a cookbook isn’t enough to encourage culinary experiments, as such, this website provides recipes ideas, tips, hints, reader reviews and even serving numbers to help you whisk up a feast in no time.

So if you are getting ready for a trip abroad and want to improve your chances of mingling with the locals or are just in the mood to pick up a new trick, see if one of the above sites can lend you a hand.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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