For those not in the know, Feng Shui is an ancient art stemming back some 3,000 years from China, and is about balancing the energy in a given space to ensure good health and fortune.


As “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water, these elements are associated with good health in Chinese culture.

So good Feng Shui is said to bring you good fortune, and not surprisingly, bad Feng Shui brings bad luck.

So when it comes to generating good Feng Shui in your home, what tips should you follow to ensure the energy is balanced and your home becomes a fortune magnet?

Last week, we touched on the significance of Feng Shui and the power color of purple to find out how this potent color can generate wealth, love and luck – so to crank your fortune up a notch – here are some additional tips on using Feng Shui in your home.

The infographic to the left provides some useful tips on how to “Feng Shui” your living room to ensure good fortune, a better career and improved relationships.


Best of all, most of the tips seem fairly easy to implement by just making a few tweaks here and then – and with minimal time and money (so your finances are off to a good start already!).

For some additional tips, we thought we’d also throw in a few plant suggestions to get you started.

  • To soften chi-killing sharp corners, buy indoor vines or hanging plants.
  • Use real plants where possible; if you can’t due to living in a basement with limited light, or if your green thumb has the touch of death, use authentic looking silk flowers.
  • In terms of plant types, Bamboo Stalks also considered to be auspicious and are incredibly cheap and easy to look after – just put them into some water and watch them grow!
  • The Areca Palm helps remove all indoor air toxins, is very easy to care for and great for softening energy.
  • To add some beauty, invest in a Peace Lily; the gentle white flowers generate strong and peaceful energy.
  • And for those looking for a challenge, try the Boston Fern. A very popular choice in homes and offices, this lush beauty will require your love and attention to thrive – so don’t let her down!

Are you a Feng Shui enthusiast? Tell us what you do in your home or office, and whether you’ve experienced a change in energy.

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