Let Bob Proctor banish your harmful beliefsDo you know that 3% of the population earn 97% of world’s generated income?

Want to know why?

You might be surprised to learn that it’s not because these people are exceptionally smart, gifted or lucky. And that anyone – including you – can move into that 3%.

Yes really, even you.

In this seven-minute video, Bob Proctor, featured teacher in the international phenomenon The Secret, best-selling author and legendary wealth coach, explains how we’re controlled by the conditioned habits or “paradigms” lodged in our subconscious.

These paradigms were fed to us at a young age by our teachers, parents and the media – laying the foundation for our belief system and effectively programming us to behave in a certain way. They shape our world and determine our views on success, sex, weight and careers – ultimately defining who we become.

These paradigms control whether we take the plunge and start our own business or have the determination to pursue a lifelong dream. On the flipside, they might be the ones that stop us from taking any action at all because we lack the confidence or feel that we’re not smart enough or deserving.

In this eye-opening video, Bob not only reveals how these harmful beliefs are controlling our lives and limiting our success, but explains that each and everyone of us can reprogram our belief system and eradicate these paradigms.

To find out how, after you’ve watched the video, download the free 16-minute guided meditation audio and let Bob immerse you into your subconscious and banish those harmful beliefs.

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FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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