Whether you use positive thinking to lift your spirits or brighten someone else’s mood, you just can’t go wrong by looking at the bright side of things. 

But when it comes to making positive, permanent changes in your life, a sprinkle of optimism here and there just ain’t enough. To create and live the juicy life of your dreams, then daily positive thinking is the only way to go!

What’s that? Do I hear a groan of resistance? A ‘But, but …”? A voice of discouragement? If the thought of making a full-blown commitment to positive thinking has you balking, then please, my friend, read on…

I know it’s tough to change mental habits. To tell you the truth, giving up negative thinking has been a greater challenge to me than giving up sugar and French wine put together! BUT … It can be done.

To get you started on the right foot toward that lifetime commitment here’s my 3 top tips.

1. Schedule It

I know this may sound a little corporate or cerebral, but the truth is, when you’re trying to integrate a new habit or routine into your existing schedule, it takes time. This is why scheduling a few positive thinking rounds each day is so helpful.

I recommend you schedule 5 minutes in the morning, 5 in the afternoon and 5 in the evening. Put it in your day planner, on a wall or in your smartphone calendar (this one’s really great because you can also schedule reminders).

2. Specify

Be specific about what kind of positive thinking you want to engage in.

Are you going to write a 1-page list of everything you appreciate at that moment? Are you going to do a series of physical moves while mentally chanting “Thank You” each time you exhale? Maybe you want to write a quick love note to your higher Self, God, Spirit or whatever power you perceive as gifting you with this life.

I tend to use the Abraham-Hicks, Law of Attraction approach to positive thinking myself. I simply do some short, ‘rampages’ of appreciation for anything I can think of, for about 5 minutes each.

It’s up to you what you want to do, just make sure that, as a beginner, you know beforehand exactly what it’s going to be. This will keep you from wasting your 5 minutes going, “Hmmm, how should I do this?”

3. Share

When you share an intention or goal with someone(s) else, you’re much more likely to stay committed to seeing it through. So I recommend that you share your plan to think positive every single day with someone who will, first of all: appreciate what you want to do; and second – will hold you accountable for making this powerful, positive change.

Your Turn!

What other ways can you think of to bring daily positive thinking into your life? Leave us a comment and let us know.