The power of the brain is impressive and is an essential part of your existence. Getting to master how your mind functions and ways on how to increase your memory retention is one of the important things you will ever learn in your life.

All of us have been in a situation where we know someone yet we find it difficult to recall their name. That’s one of the side effects of not having an effective brain training approach. It sounds like a daunting task, but it is quite simple and will offer you a great advantage not only with faster memory retention but with reducing the risk of getting illnesses such as Alzheimer’s at your age.

When you train your mind, you will quickly realize how learning a new language or skill becomes easier. Technology has brought about an effective and fast approach to handling tasks, which makes humans more dependent on machines and less on their cognitive skills.

The dependency on your smartphone or computer is detrimental to your intellectual and retention capacity. You will learn faster and have a better memory when your brain is healthy and fit.

To get you started, here are eight ways you can implement in your life to better your memory recall and start your brain training:

1. Be Someone’s Tutor

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Find a colleague or friend and teach them something you are currently learning and your mind will increase your memory recall and learning. Your understanding of that particular task or skill gets better as you share your knowledge with someone else. The need to impress will challenge your brain to improve and create better ways of relaying information.

2. Keep Company with Intellectuals

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The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” is true. The type of company you keep will determine how slow or fast your brain is. You are an average of the people you hang around with. So, if you only associate with high-achieving people, you will indirectly advance your mental capacity, which is great for your IQ.

Take time to foster your mental development by maintaining companions, which challenge your thinking instead of killing it with shallow conversations and interests.

3. Get Enough Rest

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Ensure you get plenty of sleep to improve your brain’s functionality.  Stress and lack of relaxation affect your brain negatively and can leave you feeling fatigued and unproductive.

Try to avoid anything that might interfere with your sleeping pattern. Keep your phone and laptop away a few minutes before you go to bed.

4. Use an Actual Notebook or Journal

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Writing your ideas on a notebook seems like a difficult task as compared to launching an application on your laptop, but it has the benefit of helping you retain more. By using a pen and paper, you trigger your brain to be more attentive.

With a little patience and practice, you will notice how this intelligence boosting routine will be helpful and will greatly improve your mental capacity.

5. Learn New Skills

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Learning something new makes your brain function better. It can be a new language, instrument, or even a new dance style. Just choose the skill that may help your brain to interpret information into an end result. Get something out of your normal environment, and this will push you out of your comfort zone.

6. Eat Healthy Foods

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Your brain needs healthy nutrition to function properly. Whatever food you consume affects the productivity of your brain. This way, foods high in fiber and protein are a great choice. Fish and walnuts are at the top of the list. Dark chocolate is also great for keeping your brain healthy.

7. Exercise

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Your physique and brain will thank you when you start exercising or hitting the gym. Set aside a few minutes of your schedule and train your mind and body. Your alertness, memory and information processing power will improve greatly.

If you don’t have a gym membership, you can run around the block or even do a few quick exercises in your house. You can use whatever approach you prefer as long as you get to exercise as often as possible.

8. Test Your Memory

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Whenever you read a book or a post, try and remember the important points mentioned and say them aloud. Do that a few times until you get all the points. This approach provokes your mind into memorizing things faster.

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