2 Words That Make You Powerless

You may not be conscious of it, but there are two words that are always present each time you question an event, a possibility, a person or even yourself.

When combined, these words will slowly diminish or suck out any enthusiasm, power or optimism you have over your decisions and your plans.

And like a gossip thread, the first question that contains this strong combo is almost always followed by a string of other similar questions that sometimes fill you with dread and doubt.

Okay – enough with the scare! What we really want to do here is share ;)

We came across this interesting headline on Huffington Post that caught our eye, which lead to an interesting post by speaker Deirdre Maloney. She shed light on a habit that most of us have, one that we can easily overlook yet has so much impact on our actions.

It’s the “What If?” game. So yes – What If?

Deirdre has a simple solution to swiftly shift how you approach your decision-making from now on. Here’s an excerpt from her post:

“I know I’m not alone here. Many of us ask these kinds of anxiety-producing questions regularly. And they aren’t just about money.

We play the “what if” game…

    • When we think about what could happen to our kids at school
    • When we think about coming down with a terrible illness
    • When we think about losing our keys, missing our flight, splitting with our partners 

In the end, most of these things never happen. But that doesn’t matter in the moment we ask them. In that moment, these “what if” questions feel not only possible, but probable. And these questions — these two little “what if” words — cause a whole lot of panic.”

You can read the full writeup here.

What do you think? Check Deirdre’s post out and let us know how this changed your decision (making!). Don’t forget to like and share this post with your circle, too!


FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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