Amazing people scare us. We are either forced to admire them or hate them. Their greatness is intimidating.

We think of how much better, smarter and more driven they are.

Unfortunately this isn’t true.

We look at things that are complicated and expect complicated reasons. The problem is we don’t look closely enough.

If we were to look closer we would see at the core of every great person and event lies a series of simple daily decisions.  The key to the greatest things in life is simplicity.

Simplicity is the water that slowly makes a valley. It is patient and dedicated.

We can achieve the greatest success in life by starting at the simplest steps. Our thoughts.


Our mind has a memory. We subconsciously recognize patterns. These patterns define us, once they become a habit; it’s hard to stop. We need even more strength to break those habits.

Today I’m going to share 12 simple ways to transform your mind for success.

But first let me ask you:

What do American thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson, supermarket millionaire Frank Outlaw and the Buddha have in common?

They all said a variation of this quote:

Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything.

The greatest thinkers in history and life has all acknowledged this simple principle; start with your thoughts and you will change your world.

1. Start by telling yourself what you want in life, over and over until you get it.

You will get there.

2. Start by committing to actions and plans today.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. There is no perfect time.

3. Start with seeing fear as a signpost for being in a totally unknown place.

We can only grow through challenges. Nothing shapes a person like challenge and struggle.

4. Start reading, everyday.

Fill your mind with the thoughts of great thinkers. People who inspire you. They also started much like you; minding each thought. You will become unstoppable.

5. Start by surrounding yourself with people who support, love and want to create a fulfilling life.

They will inspire you to live your best. You will become inspired.


6. Start by doing things that only stay true to your values.

You will become consistent and strong.

7. Start by sharing with others.

Whether by listening or by helping, you will become more compassionate and create relationships that nurture your success.

8. Start by treating your body right.

Exercise and diet is the fuel that makes you run. If you put garbage in you will receive garbage in turn. You will become energetic.

9. Start by smiling at others.

Smiling is infectious; not only will it make you happier it will attract people with the same positive energy around you. You will become more charming.

10. Start by writing a plan of action.

Things you must do that align with your goals in life and start doing them. Clarity in life is result of action not thought. You will become more productive.

11. Start by listening to yourself.

Be compassionate towards yourself. The truest and most powerful way to understand others is to start with yourself.  Self-knowledge is the mirror to understanding everyone. You will become wiser.

12. Start by cutting out the excess in life.

Your possessions and responsibilities own you. You do not own them. Think about what is important in life, get rid of the rest. Live a minimal life. You will become richer, freer and happier.

Success and fulfillment are not defined by extraordinary abilities or superior intelligence. They are the result of habits and patience. Simplicity is the key.

Start with your thoughts. Stay simple.


Sia Mohajer is an educational psychology and writer of 3 best-selling psychology books. His articles explore the intersection between non-conformist thinking and success. Join him at