It’s impressive and hugely encouraging to see how far attitudes to the near-death experience and the out-of-body experience (OBE) have evolved in recent years.

This has been fuelled by books describing medical research and personal accounts of NDEs by cardiologists, neurosurgeons and medical doctors (e.g. Eben Alexander, Pim van Lommel, Penny Sartori) and websites such as Finerminds providing well-researched, referenced content to global audiences.

But this is not to say that knowledge and understanding of the OBE is also recent and therefore not well advanced. This is not the case. During these years I’ve been interested in the OBE, I’ve been volunteering with organizations dedicated to furthering the sciences of conscientiology (the study of the consciousness) and projectiology (the study of the projection of the consciousness from the physical body, or OBE).

Today, over 20 organizations are dedicated to furthering understanding of conscientiology and projectiology, some of them highly specialized in their area of interest.

Science also supports the many unique benefits of being able to experience and control these phenomena, most of which can have a significant positive impact on your personal development.

So if you are interested in dynamizing your evolution, here are eight compelling reasons for having lucid OBEs.

  1. Learn From Past Lives

When we leave the body, we manifest in a more subtle, astral body. This astral body remains with us throughout all of our lives, past, present and future. For this reason, when we’re outside the body we’re more easily able to access memories of our past lives as they’re stored in the para-brain (from the word ‘para’ meaning non-physical) of our astral body.

Sometimes when we remember past lives, we see mistakes that we made. For example, maybe we were estranged from a family member and they died unexpectedly, leaving us unable to heal that relationship and living out that life with deep regret. Remembering this might motivate us to resolve conflict and misunderstandings with others, and to avoid estranging ourselves from friends and family in this life.

  1. Learn From Past Periods in Between Lives

Similarly, we can also more easily access memories of past periods in between lives (spent in the astral body in a non-physical dimension) during OBEs. Imagine if you could remember your most recent period in between lives, just prior to being born in this current life. You might be able to recall the specific plan you made for this life.

Do you know anyone who on the surface appears to be very successful, they have everything that anyone could want but they are suffering from an unidentifiable ‘malaise,’ a sense of lack of purpose and lack of joy? This could be because they are off track with their life plan. (Sometimes people mistakenly call this a mid-life crisis)! Recalling it may help them get back on track and to lead a more fulfilling, rewarding life.

  1. Contextualize Your Relationships

Remembering past lives may provide an opportunity to identify the nature of relationships we had in the past with people who are our friends, family or colleagues today. Maybe we’re able to witness, through such recollections, events that occurred between us. Having this broader view can help us contextualize and therefore understand what we need to do with certain relationships.

For example, let’s say a girl is adopted by a couple who have a naturally born son and that over time animosity has built up between them. It could be that they were enemies in a past life. Recalling this could allow the girl to understand that they have been brought together again in order to benefit from a lifetime of opportunities to repair their relationship and so, settle their karma.

  1. Develop Your Psychic Abilities

As a natural consequence of experiencing lucid OBEs, we become more aware of and better able to move and control our bioenergy. Bioenergy is the term used in conscientiology to describe the energetic field that encompasses and emanates from every living being. Mastering our energies is in turn, is vital to being able to control a whole range of psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, synchronicity, recalling past lives and communicating with non-physical individuals.

  1. Use Your Energies to Help Yourself and Others

Aside from developing your psychic abilities, there are many other benefits of mastering your bioenergies:

  • Self-healing – if you know how to absorb energy, exteriorize or send your energy out, and move it up and down your body to achieve what’s known as a vibrational state, you will be able to clear energetic blockages in your chakras, some of which may be causing illness or disease. Moving energies can also be used in a prophylactic manner, preventing illnesses before they occur.
  • Healing others – through the exteriorization of your (best!) energies you can also heal others, both physical and non-physical.
  • Cleansing – you can similarly exteriorize your energies (infused with your positive thoughts, sentiments and intentions) to energetically cleanse a room which may be loaded with the negative energies of previous occupants.
  1. Lose Your Fear of Death

Fear of death, thanatophobia, is one of mankind’s greatest fears. But during a lucid OBE in which you are 100% sure that you are projected outside your body and not experiencing a dream or some other altered state of consciousness, you may be able to see your physical body lying motionless in the physical dimension. Such an experience (which is usually very impactful) will prove to you, in a way that you will never again be able to deny to yourself, that you are not your physical body. You are something more than that. This will enable you to understand that the physical body is actually nothing more than a kind of temporary ‘house’ used by the consciousness to manifest in the physical dimension, allowing you to truly lose your fear of death.

  1. Reprioritize Your Life

Understanding that we survive the loss of the physical body can have far-reaching effects on people’s lives. Taking into account the broader, more detailed picture of our existence that incorporates multiple lives and multiple dimensions, many people start to appreciate that the karmic consequences of their actions (and inactions) can extend beyond our physical world. This in turn can prompt them to reprioritize their lives by:

  • behaving in a more ethical manner (even when no one is watching!);
  • dedicating more time to improving themselves and to helping others do the same;
  • being less concerned with money, with acquiring and maintaining possessions;
  • making conscious decisions to step outside of their comfort zone where the best opportunities to grow lie.
  1. Evolve

Experiencing lucid OBEs, seeing first-hand the non-physical dimensions, interacting with non-physical individuals on a daily basis, and mastering our energies for the benefit of ourselves and others, provides us with profound opportunities to increase our self-awareness, self-confidence, balance and maturity, to fulfil our potential… to dynamize our evolution.

How to Have a Lucid Out-of-Body Experience

If you’ve not already having lucid OBEs, perhaps by now you’ll be interested to learn how. Anyone can learn. For some people learning how to project will come naturally and will be easy, while for others it may require the same level of dedication and practice as learning a musical instrument or a foreign language for example. But if you have the desire and the will, you can do it.

  1. Find a couple of good books on the subject that describe some projective techniques in detail (do use your discernment when deciding what to read). Choose the techniques that resonate with you (e.g. if you have good lung capacity, a breathing technique will likely work well for you; if you have a good imagination try a visualization technique).
  2. Practice that technique for at least 60 minutes (to give it a chance to work) every day for a month. This will give your astral body a proper chance to adjust to what’s being required of it. If that technique doesn’t work, try another one. If you experiment with enough techniques, in time you should find 2 – 3 that produce results for you.

On a more general level, do everything you can to educate yourself about the OBE phenomenon. Read, study, take courses, learn to master your energy, research, experiment, meet like-minded people, and fully immerse yourself any way you can in the knowledge that you are not just this one physical body—you are a consciousness in the process of evolving over a series of successive lives. Do this and see how your priorities, relationships, capacities and karma can change for the better, creating a lasting sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Sandie Gustus

Sandie Gustus, B.A., Dip. Ed., Chart.PR, has been volunteering with organizations associated with the work of Dr. Waldo Vieira since 2000. During this time, she taught in the UK, Netherlands and Finland, and published a book entitled Less Incomplete, A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition beyond the Physical Body which has been translated and published in Romanian, Turkish, Portuguese and French. Sandie currently volunteers with the Brazil-based organization CONSECUTIVUS which specializes in the research of past lives. Born in Australia, she lives in Paris, France, where she works in Communications for a French multinational. CONSECUTIVUS is now giving courses and other activities in France. For more information go to: