We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to our finances; whether it’s dealing with debt, spending a little too much when you don’t have the cash to hand, or having an imbalanced relationship with money and making decisions – it can feel like the walls are closing in, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Many of us have experienced this, including myself, and so has Kate Northrup.

Kate is a financial freedom expert and creative entre­pre­neur, and has dedicated her career to helping people become financially free, in all sense of the meaning.

In this video, she addresses how we can achieve (what sometimes feels like the impossible) state of being comfortable and grateful for the now, while being optimistic for the future, and most importantly – how to forgive ourselves for past and present financial decisions.

She’ll guide you through a wonderful meditation that will bring you relief, gratitude and forgiveness for yourself and for others.

Skye Norris

Skye Norris

Among many things, Skye is a content curator and writer for FinerMinds. This warm and witty free spirit hails from bonny ol' England, and has an especial passion for skydiving (yes, really), and traveling the world.

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