Looking for a short, spiritual meditation with a toe-tapping beat? Check out the mighty mantras in this vid.


A little different than your ‘usual’ spiritual meditation music, eh? How does this ‘sit’ with you. Or should we ask, how well could you sit (in meditation) with music like this? Leave us a comment and let us know.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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  • Avatar Joyofhealing says:

    I love it but the music drowns out the words. If it was lowered it would be perfect

  • The bilateral effect was wonderful

  • Avatar Karin B says:

    Love Love Love this … I find that during this meditation, the music keeps me captivated and the subtle talking keeps me ‘tuned’ in … as so often my mind wanders with the regular type meditation music.  Thank you ~ Karin B

  • Avatar Livinginteraw says:

    I like the music, but I couldn’t meditate by it…but I’m 57 and am acustomed to different styles of music.  Namaste! 

  • Avatar Shibadoc says:

    There is nothing wrong with affirmations.  They can be an important tool for growth.  But to call it spiritual?  They are still based in ego.  as in, My will, not Thine.  Meditation is about quieting the mind.  I like this clip, but it is not meditation.

    • Avatar Willowisp1 says:

      I agree. Spirituality and being one in nothingness does not include man made music. We don’t even know the vibrational pattern of that music, it could be hindering your ability to change your bainwave, which is needed for meditation.

  • Avatar nydia says:

    I think this is a great affimation tool.

  • It’s not for me, I find it highly distracting. However, it’s not my style of music either. I love music and find that dance can be a very rewarding form of moving meditation.

  • Avatar PANKAJ says:

    Really good.But the music drowns the words & not audible for a guided meditation. Pl do something about it. PANKAJ

  • Avatar Barbara says:

    The music, while catchy and appealing, is not conducive to meditation.

  • Avatar Titan 777 says:

    I loved the music and had no problem meditating with it.  It’s almost like a subliminal tape only your aware of the voice in the background.  There are times I meditate to what is called house music, alternative, new age and even old Disco music at a fast pace and beat.  I’ve been meditating since 1976 and moving at warp speed is not an issue.  With practice, patience and persistence we can accomplish goals beyond what we thought possible.  Remember the only thing that holds us back is ourselves.  You’d be surprised at what you can manifest with just the tick tock of a clock in the back ground.

  • Avatar Carolalap says:

    Beautiful but the music is too loud for the voice.

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