Obsessive ThoughtsIt’s 12pm and you’ve been tossing and turning in bed for the better part on an hour.

You can’t stop thinking about that comment your friend made about seeing your ex out on the weekend, have they really moved on so quickly, while you’re still pining after them?

Or perhaps it’s a money worry that has left you feeling so anxious and unable to switch off? You’re waiting on approval from the bank for that loan. It’s been a tough year, and this money will really make a huge difference.

You know worrying about these things won’t change the outcome, but once your mind latches onto these thoughts, you seem to lose control to the point where your thinking becomes obsessive. So how do you stop your thoughts running on loop?

While locating the “stop” button in your head isn’t easy, there are things you can do to bring your awareness back to the moment and distinguish between what is real, and what your mind has created as a result of an overactive imagination freeloading off your anxiety!

The article How to Stop Obsessive Thoughts For Good! provides some useful tips on how you can become a master of your mind and stop obsessive thoughts taking over. While it notes that there are no magic pills that will reprogram your mind or change your troubling circumstances (…sorry!) – there are some small things you can do to take control.

For example, re-interpreting a situation when you notice your mind has started to detour from the facts and you feel your anxiety levels rising. So often we’re not even aware this is happening, so by becoming more aware of our thoughts and emotions by bringing our awareness back to the moment, we can begin to take control of these harmful thoughts.

And of course, the most effective way for you to do this is through daily meditation… so here’s a free meditation exercise to get you started.

Read the article and tell us what you think:)

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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