Last week we posted part I of the Tree of Life Guided Meditation, helping you sink your ‘roots’ into the earth. Here’s part II, where you’ll be using that earth energy to sprout branches and leaves.

After you’ve tried the full meditation, drop us a comment and let us know how it feels to ‘grow’ yourself as a tree!

Tree of Life Meditation Part II

by Dawn DelVecchio

Branches and Leaves

From part one: As the energy reaches the top of your head and through your crown chakra, imagine it bursting forth like branches of a tree. Feel your branches reach up and out toward the heavens, and allow yourself to draw in the energy of spirit through your leaves and branches.

Stay with your breath as you allow your tree to fill out. Notice your branches and leaves – do they reach upward, stretch outward, or drop down all around you toward the ground? Are your leaves large, small, smooth, or wrinkly? Just observe how your tree is growing as you continue to breath.

When you feel ready, begin to imagine energy being drawn into your leaves from the sun (or moon), with each inhalation. Feel the energy of this light pouring into you and begin breathing it down through your leaves and branches toward the crown of your head.

The Double Helix Dance

Now as you draw in the breath, feel the energy moving into your head, mingling and dancing with the earth energy that you’ve drawn up. Let the energies of earth and sky (spirit) dance around each other like a double helix, traveling up and down your spine. See the earth energy moving ever upward, and light energy moving ever downward in this spiral dance.

If you feel any tingling sensations or electrical pulses, just observe (and enjoy!) them. Allow the dance of earth and sky to enliven and regenerate your whole being.

Anchor the Energy

As the energy from the sky reaches the base of your spine, allow it to move downward, out of your body and into the earth. In this way, you begin to anchor the energy of spirit into earth, becoming a conduit for the unity of spirit and matter. Enjoy the sensation of this marriage and know yourself as that which you are – spirit embodied in form.

Breath, give thanks, and affirm that this connection remains even as you walk through your life. When you’re ready, open your eyes.

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