Bullies everywhere! That’s how I felt growing up in my small home town.

My parents weren’t much help in this regard. They were both psychologists and neither of them ever threw a punch.

One day, I had enough and I decided to do something about it. I went to the local bookstore and purchased 2 martial arts books. I read them over and over and practiced all the moves they taught.

Once I felt confident enough, I stood up to the biggest bully on my block. I hit him as hard as I could in self-defense.

Let’s just say it did not go well and leave it at that.

I came home crying and parents decided that I was going to take martial arts. I was super excited because my parents found a world-renowned instructor that happened to live in my tiny little town.

He was known for producing top caliber fighters that regularly took home championship tiles.

I’ll never forget the first class. I was very eager to learn how to defend myself from the big bullies in my neighborhood.

I could not wait to learn how to punch, kick and through people to the ground. I could see it so clearly in my mind, finally giving these bullies what they deserved.

I showed up for my first lesson ready to go but was left feeling disappointed and unmotivated to continue.

Why was I disappointed?

My first lesson, I learned how to stand. My second lesson, I learned how to breathe. Then, for two months I practiced standing, shifting my weight and breathing. Not at all what I expected!

I would have quit my first week but my teacher was very wise and very capable of explain “Why” these basics were so important.

Couple that with the fact that he obviously knew what he was doing, I decided to stick it out.

Basics Aren’t sexy – Or are they?

When it comes to manifesting, most people put the cart before the horse (which only works if you can get the horse to walk backwards).

As my first martial arts teacher explained: All the power from a punch comes from your breath, your hips, your legs – the way you stand, move and shift your weight.

My martial arts books never taught me that. Let’s face it, if that’s what was in those books, I would have never bought them in the first place. I would not have understood the value of the basics in the face of my urgent bullying problem.

This is where I am going to stop with the metaphors and get to the point because I’m sure you’re already see where I am going with this.

Three Manifestation Basics That No One Wants to Learn and Even Fewer People Teach.

Unless you like the idea of going backwards, these are three basics that you must learn if you want to level up your manifestation skills.

1. Different from goal achievement, manifestation is a spiritual and an Energetic practice and should be approached differently. The best results in goal achievement are realized when it is supported by a good manifestation process. Likewise, the best manifestation results are achieved when supported by a good gaol achievement process.

2. Manifestation is a gift and a skill. You can advance to higher levels only after you’ve been tested.( Just like martial arts.) You can train, practice for your black belt but at the end of the day, it is awarded to you as much is it is earned. Just because you have the skills, does not guarantee that your teacher or school will award you your belt.

3. Learning to respond appropriately to life’s giving’s and misgivings is where most of your manifestation power comes from. To the degree that you consistently respond appropriately to what life hands you in place of reacting (or even worse, overreacting) will be equal to your power of manifestation.

Responding VS Overreacting.

All three “basics” are worth exploring in greater detail but for now, keep the first two basics active in your mind. As you continue to ponder them, you will naturally do better and your overall understanding of manifestation will deepen.

For today, I want to give you a bit of the “Why” and the “How” you can begin to respond to life rather then overreacting to it.

The “Why”

Virtually every bad decision I have every made was born from an overreaction. At the very least, bad life choices are most often the result of a failure to respond to life’s giving’s and misgivings appropriately.

When we respond to life appropriately, we put our selves in the best possible situation to influence what life will us bring in the future. Sounds like manifestation doesn’t it.

Conversely, when we react, overreact and / or respond inappropriately to life, we are dropping our vibrational frequency to a level that does not attract that which we desire.

Let me offer you this.

Most of the time:

· Fear is an overreaction
· Anger is an overreaction
· Jealousy is an overreaction
· Inpatients is an overreaction

Big bad negative emotions are overreactions and they are the absolute worst place to manifest from. That is unless you like that sort of thing.

If we were all given the ability to manifest on-demand without first learning to respond vs overreact, humanity would destroy itself in a matter of weeks.

“The key to unlocking your manifestation power is to respond appropriately to life in all its giving’s and misgivings more and more every single day.”

This is more important than visualizing. This is more important than feeling the feeling as if it is already happened. This is more important than any other skill that manifestation teachers typically teach.

You can do all the rest until you are blue in the face but if you are still reacting and overreacting to people, situations and even good and bad fortune, you simply wont have the power to move your desire into the physical realm.

This is the unfailing wisdom of the universe.

The “How”

The first step in learning to respond vs overreact comes from giving it the appropriate motivation. Now that you know how important and vital it is to manifestation, it will be easier for you to focus and train this ability.

Now that your Reticular Activating System (RAS) is activated in this regard, your brain will naturally seek out ways to make it happen more and more in your life.

Here are insights that work for me and have worked for many of my clients.

1. Read up on some ascended masters. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna…or any other ones that resonate with you. Ask yourself “ what would [insert your favorite ascended master] do in this situation?”

2. Practice mindfulness principles every day. Principles of Mindfulness Living are proven to help you respond appropriately and reduce negative reactions.

3. Engage in Mindfulness Meditation. This is different then other types of meditation. Just 14 minutes a week has been shown to change the brain, reduce stress and calm down the parts of our brain that just love to overreact.

4. Explore ways to clear the negative consequences of past overreactions. Guilt, anger and disappointment are the sort of things that act like energetic mud that slows everything down.

5. Act to remove the negative charge of trauma and other bad life experiences so that the automatic triggers associated with them no longer work.

6. Consider using Brainwave Stimulation to help teach your brain new and deeper states of calm.

7. Acknowledge that we all make mistakes and thus it makes sense to practice love and patients as much as humanly possible.

The bottom line:
The more you enter and experience calm, cool and collected states that encourage thoughtful responses in place of overreactions, the more neural connections will build in this regard.

The more you practice peaceful states of mind, the easier it will become for you to do it at will. Explore things that will help you such as essential oils, music or anything that will facilitate your experience of peace, pause and stillness.

It is okay to use biofeedback, brainwave entrainment or anything else that helps trigger these states because one fact remains, the more you experience those states, the more you can call on them at the appropriate time.

Day by day, as you learn to respond appropriately to life, so will your manifestation abilities grow. It is a natural consequence.

You may also get your black belt early if you approach it this way. The great teacher can award gifts of manifestation at any time.

Jeffrey Gignac

Jeffrey started his journey at a very young age as one of the youngest people ever to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15. He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor before becoming is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a World-Renowned expert in brainwave stimulation. Jeff is published author, speaker and coach and has appeared on many local and nation TV and radio shows. Having created over one hundred acclaimed programs such Life Response Frequencies, it’s no surprise that Jeffrey is considered by today’s top thought leaders as the number one creator and innovator of brainwave stimulation technology.