Law of Attraction ManifestationHave you heard of this word, “grok”? It first showed up in the English language thanks to a sci-fi writer named Robert A. Heinlein. The reason I ask is because, even though this is an ‘invented’ word, it’s got a whole lot to do with Law of Attraction manifestation. Why? because to ‘grok’ something means to, as Heinlein put it: “understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed … to merge, blend, intermarry …” In other words, to ‘grok’ is to go beyond observing or ‘knowing’ something in the mind, right into vibrating the truth of it.

And here’s the thing: it’s that vibration (that ‘groking’) which is the Attractor-Factor in ALL manifestation.

Are you ‘Groking’ Manifestation or just ‘Knowing’ It?

Thanks to the movie, “The Secret” and awesome personal growth blogs like FinerMinds, a lot of people now know about the Law of Attraction. In fact, these days I’m more surprised when I come across someone who still thinks their life is created and controlled by random, external forces! But even among the many, many peeps I know who are trying to ‘manifest’ using the LOA, I see very few who actually make it work. In fact, I can tell pretty quickly these days whose just ‘knowing’ the Law and who is actually ‘groking’ it. How? Really simple: I just look at what’s showing up in their life.

Clues that you’re Groking

So my question to you is this: Are you groking it? Here are some clues …

  • Most of what’s ‘showing up’ for you (people, opportunities, experiences & stuff) is positive, delightful and what you’ve been wanting.
  • You feel relaxed about your life, knowing that what you ‘order’ from the Universe (or better) is on it’s way to you, even if it’s not yet physically manifested.
  • When you look back over the past 12 months, you can clearly track the asking-allowing-receiving process for a number of delightful things in your life right now.
  • You’re at ease about the things that haven’t manifested yet because you know that you are ever-expanding and there will always be more you’ll want to Be, Do & Have (in other words, there’s always more coming :))
  • You easily find things to appreciate and most of your ‘random’ thoughts are positive.
  • You notice abundance in your life – not just in the ‘things’ you possess but in other areas, like time, beauty, friendships, love, appreciation, laughter and general happiness.
  • You spend almost no time at all focused on what isn’t happening that you want to happen, what’s not yet manifested, or what doesn’t work.
  • Instead, you focus most of your thoughts and most of your time feeling abundant, appreciative, prosperous and free.

If you’re Not Yet ‘Groking’ It …

If the clues above don’t sound anything like your experience of life, then you’re not yet groking the LOA. You may know and understand the concepts completely, but you haven’t yet activated the vibration within that will allow you to consciously manifest your desires.

Now please, please, if this is you, don’t get bummed out!! There’s hope, I promise :) If you’re not yet groking the LOA, here’s what I want you to do …

Stop Asking!!

Simple, but not easy, I know. But here’s the thing, as long as you keep focusing on what-you-want-that-isn’t-manifested-yet, you are not an energetic match to getting it. To put it more simply: you’re vibrating LACK.

So, in order to receive what you want, you have to grok that it’s already yours. Whether you’re wanting a thing, an experience, an opportunity or some kind of change in your life, you’ve got to stop asking/wanting/needing & focusing on what’s in front of you that you don’t want, and start feeling as if it’s already yours.

Am I Telling you to Lie to Yourself??

Umm, in a word, YES :)

Let me know if you grok this Groking. I want to know how Law of Attraction manifestation is working in your life and where you feel you need help. Write to me in the comments below!

Many blessings,

Dawn DelVecchioDawn DelVecchio is a writer, speaker and self-empowerment coach. She’s the author & host of, where she shares insights, tips and practical tools for living a life of joy and abundance. Her eBook, The 7 Keys to Unlock your Soul’s Purpose is a simple guide to connect with your truest calling in this life. Dawn’s intent is to “Help you unlock the door to your soul’s calling so you can live in the joy and abundance you were meant for.”
Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, traveler, speaker and coach. She's been living a life devoted to spirit and purpose for more than 28 years. As the author and host of, and a guest contributor to a number of personal growth blogs, Dawn shares insights, tips and practical tools for you to live a life of greater purpose, happiness and abundance. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Unlocking your Prosperity: 7 Keys to Healing your Money Mindset & Fully Stepping into your Calling.


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  • Kk Sqi says:

    I am am Groking. Thanks for the term and the reminder that all is well.

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