Is your life a rock-star success or a miserable disappointment? I say it’s probably both, depending on how you look at it. Let me explain … If you want to know how to be happy no matter what, then you have to know where to look. If you look only at what you haven’t yet done, what you don’t yet have, what you’re disappointed, frustrated, angry or hurt about, guess what? You’ll be miserable no matter how rich, healthy, famous (or infamous) you are.

The Wisdom of What Not to Do

Sometimes it’s in watching a friend’s mistakes that we see mirrored our own. I was blessed with just such an opportunity the other day and, essentially, it inspired this post. You see, sometimes when I write these blogs, I’m reminding myself of what to do and what not to do, so when the story I’ll share below occurred, I saw how I, too, had been falling back into some less-than-positive habits of thought. Here’s what happened …

A friend emailed me after I sent him a sweet little pick about ‘worthiness’. He wrote to thank me, but then ended the message by bemoaning his inability to actually allow himself to feel worthy of love, happiness and the rest. Now here’s the thing: if this were someone new to the Law of Attraction and the power of the mind to create reality, then I’d have offered some gentle guidance and support. But in this particular friend’s case, not only is he fully versed in the LOA ‘lingo’, he’s also turned to me and others many, many times seeking words of comfort and compassion when he couldn’t get control of his negative thinking.

Compassion is always in order, but enabling, at some point, needs to stop. As much as I feel for his struggle, at this point it’s clear he’s ‘talkin’ the talk’ but not ‘walkin’ the walk’. He’s still relying on others to feel good.

It’s a Choice

Happiness is a choice. It’s also a kind of discipline if you’re in the habit of negative thinking. I know full well that some folks have had a terribly rough go in the early years of their life. I know that this can wreak major havoc on their spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. But I also know that there are peeps who sprouted in misery only to transform their lives into a thing of beauty and delight. How did they do it? Most will tell you it was by choosing how to look at things and where to focus their thoughts.

How do you look at your life? Can you, right now, tell me a short story of all it’s awesomeness and ‘rock-star’ delight? Do it! It’ll put a smile on my face :) but more importantly, it’ll put a bigger one on yours! Share your story with me in the comments below!

Many blessings,

Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, traveler, speaker and coach. She's been living a life devoted to spirit and purpose for more than 28 years. As the author and host of, and a guest contributor to a number of personal growth blogs, Dawn shares insights, tips and practical tools for you to live a life of greater purpose, happiness and abundance. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Unlocking your Prosperity: 7 Keys to Healing your Money Mindset & Fully Stepping into your Calling.


  • brooke says:

    This is sooooo true. I had the worst teens and twenties and had always wished I was 30 because my younger years were a complete emotional rollercoaster and depression bound hell hole. I woke up after watching the Secret and slowly but surely began altering my neural pathways and changing the chemistry of my brain. It is a steady bit of consistent work but so worth it! I had no idea that people didn’t live the way I lived or I was insanely jealous of people that were normal. I found peace and calmness today! I feel awesome every day. It’s about making a conscious choice and allowing yourself to see the good in things….it works and it’s what our planet needs. I think it’s so great that this is all happening now! so excited for life.

  • Luckyledoux says:

    Dawn, you rock. I am living a rock star life. I grew up in the country with the luxury of running the neighborhood and cane fields. We would have blackberry picking contests with girls against boys.
    I love to dance. I went on to high school winning 8 danceteam national championships that was showcased on ESPN. I went to college and continued dancing for the college football team. I was part of the creation of the college starting up a basketball danceteam that won our second year of existing the college national danceteam championship that showcases on ESPN. I am still living a rockstar life….

    Thank you for reminding me that I am a rockstar.

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