4 Reasons Why A Mindfulness Practice Can Help You Attract Your Desires, Even If It Feels Like You’re Doing The Opposite.

Mindfulness is useful for connecting with the present moment and accepting your current situation, but how can you actually use it to attract your desires? 

Mindfulness encourages you to accept your thoughts, feelings and circumstances as they are, without trying to change them. Mindfulness also teaches you to focus all of your attention on your life here and now, as it is happening, even if it is unpleasant, and this is where most of us ‘manifestors’ stumble with it.

We’ve been taught that to attract our desires, that we need to focus on the life that we want to have, rather than the one we currently have, and this is absolutely true. It is not surprising then, that mindfulness practice brings up resistance for those of us who are dedicated to visualizing our ideal lives.

You may have felt a conflict between practicing mindfulness and practicing visualization and then felt nervous, thinking that the law of attraction was going to backfire on you because you spent too long focusing on your current situation, and not enough time focusing on the life you’d actually prefer to be living.

Here are 4 reasons why mindfulness will actually help you to manifest your desires even though it might feel as though it’s actually doing the opposite:

1) Mindfulness breaks your bad thinking habits

Mindfulness gets you to step back from your thoughts so that you’re no longer entwined in them, you’re simply noticing and accepting them. This will help you to recognize your unhelpful patterns of thinking even when you’re not formally sitting down for a mindfulness session and in turn, you’ll be able to change your thinking habits so that they’re more aligned with your manifestation goals.

Getting “out” of your mind will stop you from engaging in unhelpful thinking patterns as often, and therefore prevent you from blocking any of your desires from manifesting easily by being wrapped up in thoughts that were not supporting your goals to begin with.

2) Peace attracts more peace

It may seem counter-productive to your manifesting goals to make peace with your uncomfortable feelings, but trust me when I say that peace is the fastest route to freedom. By surrendering and letting go of the fight with your uninvited stress, frustration, anxiety, sadness or fear, you create a more peace-filled existence for yourself, which in turn attracts more tranquility and calm into your life. This can only have a positive impact on your wellbeing and on your ability to manifest your desires.

3) The Universe wants you to meditate

The Universe finds it easier to deliver inspired ideas to you, to provide you with intuitive guidance and to direct you on which action to take, when you are clear, still and open. When your mind is full of racing and unhelpful thoughts you’re likely to completely miss the divine messages that the universe is offering you to help you develop and trust your intuition and also to gently nudge you towards your goals.

You can use mindfulness as your path to stillness and becoming an open channel to receiving both guidance and abundance.

4) Mindfulness clears the path for gratitude

Regular mindfulness practice will lower your stress level and make you feel healthier and more connected to each moment of your life, enabling you to easily harness the manifesting power of gratitude.

Mindfulness and gratitude are a great partnership when practiced together. Mindfulness opens the door by paying attention to “what is” and then the spirit of gratitude invites you to feel happy, blessed, joyous and appreciative of your entire life experience, even when it involves something less than desirable.

So don’t be afraid to give mindfulness a go, even if it seems as though it could jeopardize your manifesting ability. There is nothing to fear. By making peace with your present situation, you make way for an ever better future.

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