Do vegetarians have a better sex life?The rivalry between vegetarians and fully-fledged carnivores has always been a strong one when it comes to who has more fun in the kitchen. Particularly if you take it one step further and compare the aphrodisiacs powers, of lets say oysters, to that of tofu.

But before you announce the winner as being the meat-eaters, especially if the menu happens to be oysters, followed by a slow cooked lamb roast, finished with a scrumptious cheese platter… you might be surprised to learn than eating plant products can boost your performance in the bedroom because it contains high levels of the “sex” hormone.

According to new research, which was published in the Journal Of Hormones And Behavior, certain plant products can influence hormone levels to heighten sexual activity.

The research, carried out on male red colobus monkeys, found that when they dined on plants containing estrogen-like compounds (similar to soy) the monkeys spent less time grooming each other, and more time getting up to monkey business than those who had a less organic diet. This is because the plants contained higher levels of estradiol, the “sex hormone” and cortisol the “stress hormone”.

While this interesting research is yet to be carried out on humans, applying a similar conclusion to those higher up the food chain may not be so far-fetched considering the monkey family is our closest match genetically…it’s certainly food for thought :)


FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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