iStock_000002690348XSmallAre you spoiled for choice? Look at the supermarket racks that threaten to topple over us with tons of branded boxes. Cereals in one million flavors! Coffee from places we never even heard of! Sugar in different grain sizes! And that’s just in the supermarket…

Imagine the choices on the streets, on cable, on the menu, on books… and on love?

Now love in an interesting one to tackle. Are we fickle with love because of all the un-sampled temptations?

Here’s an awesome article by Claire Williams featured on Tim Ferriss’ blog. She talks about her experience of settling on her one and only by using 5 very powerful blockers of temptation to be choosy. We would love to hear from you on this topic of choices in LOVE. Leave a comment! :)

Why Are You Single? Perhaps It’s The Choice Effect

by Claire Williams

“It’s impossible not to constantly wonder if there’s something better, someone better.”

My good female friend picked up her third glass of Syrah-Merlot and continued: “If I could only choose between three decent guys, it’d be a done deal. I’d be married already.”

I nodded. Having options–perceived infinite choice–isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. How, then, do you tame indecision, particularly in relationships?

The following guest post, written by Claire Williams, explores some of the more successful approaches… and realizations.

In 2000, Drs. Sheena S. Iyengar and Mark R. Lepper set up a tasting booth at an upscale grocery store in California. On some days, they put out a selection of six types of jam; on other days they set out twenty-four. Although the wider selection attracted more shoppers, more people bought the jam when there were fewer options. It seemed
the more choices people had, the harder it was to make a decision.

The Paradox of Choice explored this infamous dilemma, in which having more options tends to leave us paralyzed and increase our buyer’s remorse. But what does that mean when you’re not just shopping? What about when you’re doing much more important stuff…like picking a job, a house, or – gasp – a life partner?…

If you ever listened to your teachers, talked to your parents, or watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, you learned that you were a special snowflake and the world was yours for the taking. But for a generation with more options than ever before, how do you choose when you’ve been taught you can have it all?

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