Editor’s Note: It’s spring and love is in the air! Recently, Brian Johnson of PhilosophersNotes married his goddess, Alexandra!

Check out their wedding vows below. Totally inspiring and something to aim for in a relationship. And for the sentimental, you might just shed a tear ;-)

If you’re engaged, just married, or happily married, drop a comment with your thoughts! We’d love to hear what commitments you think make an awesome marriage.

Wedding Kisses - Philosopher & Goddess

Our Sacred Marriage Commitments (aka Wedding Vows) :)

By Brian Johnson

Here are our wedding vows/commitments!!

(Gives me tears in my eyes just re-reading them!!! :)

I commit to celebrating life and living with joy, love, creativity, wisdom, appreciation, optimism, enthusiasm, kindness and generosity. I commit to celebration as the primary emotional tone of our relationship and to sharing our love of life with the world!

I commit to taking full responsibility for my life, my happiness and my goals. I absolve anyone and everything from the past or present from having any control over my happiness.

I commit to choosing growth, openness, expansion, joy and appreciation over fear, defensiveness, contraction, pissiness and frustration. I especially commit to doing this when I don’t feel like it and I invite you to playfully support me in flowing with this intention when I seem committed to doing otherwise!! ☺

I commit to enjoying the rhythms of my life and of our relationship, allowing for the highs and the not-quite-so-highs, connection and autonomy, creative engagement and relaxation.

I commit to speaking and living my truth. I commit to full expression, to holding nothing back as I share my feelings, dreams, authentic desires and experiences.

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I commit to radiant mind/body/spirit health and to consistently practicing the meditation, reflection, nutrition, exercise, and rejuvenation principles in which I believe and I invite you to playfully support me in most fully aligning with this intention.

I commit to celebrating my unique essence as well as your unique essence and to having fun fully expressing my most joyful, authentically awesome self while supporting you in doing the same.

I commit to honoring and celebrating the gift of my life by giving my greatest gifts in greatest service to you, our family, and the world.

(These were inspired by our amazing friends and mentors, Gay and Katie Hendricks–who we were blessed to have marry us!!! :)