Nobody ever said life is easy. No matter the age, human nature deals with heavy feelings. You could never know the baggage someone carries around. There is no reason anyone should add to it.

Being positive and loving are the very most important quality human beings should have. Everyone deals with negativity; it is all a matter of how you process it.

If you know somebody who is down, depressed or just doesn’t realize their self-worth, there are a few actions you can take to help them out of their slump.

First, you can understand from their point of view. Second, kindly point out that they’re being negative and help guide them into positive thinking. Third, compliment them; show them their worth. Fourth, if it’s bad; suggest they see some help. Fifth, if you love them, show them.

1. Understand Their Point Of View

When dealing with a friend who isn’t being positive, you must first realize that you are not the same person and what the person feels isn’t up to you to change. You will never be able to help a friend if you don’t understand their perspective as well as the fact that everyone has their own perspective no matter how you conceive what is going on.

Everyone is connected in this universe through energy, and a person’s energy affects others. To actually have a real positive impact on someone with negative thoughts, you must be genuinely positive no matter the push back you get.

People feeling down will never look at positive options with open arms, even if they want to. It is up to the person, and that person alone, to determine their self-worth.

2. Guide Them In A Positive Manner

You want to start by just taking them out. Do not force them. Having them agree to come out into social gatherings, or just a public place, could easily help them get their mind off of whatever has got them feeling down.

You always want to be careful with your words and not demand things. Ask them what they would like to do or where they would like to go. Make them feel wanted and loved by doing things they would want to do. Guide them into a positive mindset by showing you care about them.

3. Compliments Are Gold

It seems petty, but when you tell someone they’re good at something they feel that. It can change a person’s day around. Little things like pointing out their art is good, or telling them they look good or happy.

Words are powerful and go a long way. Positive and negative energy spreads and consumes all that it surrounds.

When you sprinkle little bits of positive statements around someone with negative thoughts, you are watering a positivity seed inside them. Your small words of kindness will grow into big thoughts of positive energy inside their mind.

4. A Therapist Should Not Be Feared

Sometimes people are consumed by negative emotion, and talking to the people in their life doesn’t help. That is when a therapist, or mental health professional, could come in handy. These people are not in your personal life and are bound by law to keep all the secrets a person dwells on.

Getting things off your chest and moving on from the past is the only way to get better, and there is no shame talking to a mental health professional.

5. Love Is The Best Medicine

When you show someone love, it is the strongest and purest forms of positive energy. You can change someone’s entire mood by just showing them one genuine emotion, love. Everyone should love everyone, no matter what.

Love does not need to be sexual. It is literally everywhere. Love your neighbor, because you never know if their life is missing that little bit of love you show when you just smile and say “hello.”

As you go through these different steps, things will come to mind on how to exactly work with your friend. They will notice that you care and that will help them more than you can ever imagine.

Mikkie Mills

I'm a Chicago native who loves anything health related, wether that is fitness or mental health related. When I'm not writing, I'm chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.