Heartache requires a significant amount of recovery time, and no one can deny this fact.

You cry, you panic, you break, but you just can’t get over a broken heart in one night. And unfortunately, all the unhealthy relationships are often the toughest ones to break. They don’t disappear from your life whenever you want.

Whether it’s about a person who was emotionally disastrous for you or someone who never behaved in a sober and sensible way, it takes a great deal of time to recover from these bad chapters of life.

Do you have a toxic relationship or a healthy one?

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It’s understandable that this process of overcoming a bad relationship can be challenging. However, the sooner you get over it, the better it is for you.

Don’t think that you are messed up just because you are emotional for another person. You’ve loved with all your heart. If that person has not given you back the same, it’s not your mistake!

You don’t deserve to lead an unhappy life because someone else is not bothered about you. It might be tough, but you are capable of overcoming any such toxic relationship.

Just follow these steps, and you’ll be on the road to healing your heart.

1. Stop Contacting Him/Her

It might be very hard in the initial period not to make any contact with the person. However, you need to resist the urge. Just unfriend him/her on Facebook, block the person’s Twitter feed and so on.

It’s good to follow the cold turkey approach here. Even though it will be painful for you in the beginning, you’ll recover eventually. You should do the same even if it hurts a lot and the person apologizes to you.

Once you’ve come out from a harmful relationship, it’s best to not go back to it.

2. Keep yourself busy with positive people

When you’re ending a relationship, there will undoubtedly be a void in your life. It is always recommended that you should fill up the void (in a healthy way). If you don’t do so, it might lead to serious psychological disorders like depression.

So allow the bright light of positivity to enter into your life. Don’t sit alone and cry all day long. Instead, try to fill up your schedule with good friends who can help you get over the pain.

Suppose you have had a breakup with your partner who was not mentally healthy for you. Avoid thinking about him/her. Go out with your best friends and enjoy yourself. You might not feel like doing this at all, but being with your friends will certainly be therapeutic.

3. Opt for self-growth

Remember, life is not always a fairytale and there won’t be any instant happy endings, so stop dreaming about that. Instead, utilize all your time in grooming yourself. Instead of thinking over and over about the unhealthy relationship, pursue self-growth.

Meditation is one of the smartest ways to overcome pain. It will relax your body and mind. You can even read various self-help books or try therapy. All of these methods will help you understand what you actually want out of your life at that moment. Finally, you will be able to avoid any future faulty relationship.

4. Learn to let go

Of course, to let go of someone whom you love is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it is one of the toughest things that you can ever think of. However, you need to understand that two people need to work on a relationship, not just one.

If the other person doesn’t seem to be interested in investing in the relationship, you should just walk away and let the person go.

5. Recognize who you are

Reestablishing your identity is another significant step to overcoming a bad relationship.

Try to re-introduce yourself to everything that makes you up as an individual. Whether it is your likes or dislikes, your favorite things, your hobbies, or your accomplishments, give priority to all of them.

It is essential to realize that your purpose of living and identity can’t revolve around another person. Maintaining your own identity is crucial. You shouldn’t spoil your life just because someone didn’t treat you well in a relationship.

These 5 steps will certainly help you get over that bad relationship. You have a long life, so remember that there is always a ray of sunshine after the dark.

Be positive, keep smiling, and you will certainly be happy, no matter what!