Did you know that 55% of communication is based solely on body language?

According to research, only 7% of our entire communication consists of actual words. The rest of the 38% is judged from the tone of the voice. Hence, understanding what this huge 55% signifies should be one of your prominent objectives!

How can you do that? Here are the cues you need to watch for when meeting someone.

1. Real Smiles Reach Up to Eyes

When someone smiles, their lips can lie, but eyes can never do that. If someone is laughing with all the heart, his/her smile reaches up to the eyes while crinkling the skin near the eyes to create crow’s feet around them.

If a person is simply smiling to hide what they are really thinking, you won’t find the crinkles. So, if you can’t figure them out, the smile is definitely hiding something!

2. Shaking Legs Shows Irritation

Experts have found that shaking legs show anxiety and vexation. Legs cover the largest area of anyone’s body. However, when they move, they usually aren’t immediately noticed. So people think that if they shake their legs, nobody will see and they won’t be judged.

Still, if you somehow come across someone who is trembling their legs very fast, make sure that something is troubling them from inside.

3. Raised Eyebrows Indicate Discomfort

When someone is raising his/her eyebrows, it means that they are either surprised, worried or scared. Someone will not simply raise their eyebrow while having a casual conversation.

If anyone who is talking to you raises his/her eyebrows, it means that they are not comfortable with the conversation. Any one of the feelings mentioned above might be disturbing him/her. Otherwise, there may be something else going on in his/her brain.

4. Crossed Legs and Hands Signify Disagreement

If you see someone is crossing his/her legs and hands while talking with you, it means that he/she does not agree with what you said. Even if you feel that the conversation is going on quite pleasant, such a gesture from them will show that they are not concurring with you.

Psychologically, crossed legs and hands mean that the person is mentally, emotionally, and physically blocked off from what is there in front of them.

5. Excessive Nodding Signals Anxiety

Let’s say you ask someone to do a task, and you see that the person is nodding unnecessarily.

What does it mean?

In psychological language, it states that they are not at all sure about whether they will able to complete the work. If someone doubts their ability to follow any instruction, they nod way too much.

6. Clenched Jaw Shows Stress

Whether it is a clenched jaw, a tightened neck, or a furrowed brow, all of these signal that the person is in stress. It might be due to any of the reasons starting from whether they is finding the conversation to be stressful enough or there’s something else which is stressing them out.

If you want to figure out the actual scenario, you need to understand the mismatch between what the person is saying and what their body language is up to.

7. Copying Body Language is Good

You might find someone around you who does exactly what you do. For example, when you cross your leg, and they do the same. Or if you are folding your hands, and they do as well.

If you experience this, don’t get irritated! Rather, you should understand that it is a good sign.

People imitate other’s body language in an unconscious way when they feel a strong bond with the person who is sitting or standing in front of them. It indicates that the conversation is really going great and the other person is agreeing with you.

Noticing this body language is beneficial, especially during business deals. It indicates the exact point of view of the person regarding the offer.

8. Biting Nails is All About Being Tensed

People often bite their nails when they are tense. If you see someone is doing that while talking with them, they may be bothered by something.

Some people simply have a bad habit of biting nails but they are fewer in number, thanks to the sense of hygiene that most of us have. Therefore, nailbiting generally indicates that the person is tense.

Aren’t these tricks smart? The next time when you are talking to someone, make sure that you are looking for such signs. It will give you a clear idea about what exactly is going on in the mind of that person who is sitting in front of you. You’ll end up understanding them in a much better way.

Lyla Morris

Lyla Morris

Lyla Morris is a Founder & Editor at Lylamorris.com. She loves to write about Parenting and Health Care tips also.

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